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RegCCinfra is an automated solution for calculating accurate deposit hold times, validating check routing numbers and printing the required customer disclosures.   RegCCinfra can seamlessly replace your manual Rec CC process to create greater efficiency in teller processes.

RegCCinfra with innovative interface technology enables issuing funds of availability at the teller counter using any teller platform. This feature alone saves time and cost on back office operations as well as teller transaction time and efficiency. In addition, faster teller transaction translates to faster customer time spent at the teller station.

Training new employees or tellers can be costly and ineffective when it comes to Regulation CC compliance because its requirements are complicated. RegCCinfra is an automated solution that allows your tellers to easily and quickly calculate hold times and print customer disclosure notices. RegCCinfra can seamlessly replace your manual Regulation CC process to create greater efficiency in front line processes.


  • Shorter teller transaction time
  • Increased accuracy of hold calculation
  • Reduces compliance officer’s exam prep time
  • Easily integrates into existing teller financial applications
  • Utilizes the bank’s existing customer database to retrieve customers’ basic information


  • Handle single or multiple item holds
  • Identifies local, non-local, government, and on-us checks with ABA numbers
  • Prints disclosure notice for the customer automatically
  • Uploads hold information to Bank’s core system automatically
  • Allows managers to review deposit transactions and hold information for any specified dates

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