Home Remedies for Breast Care

Every year, approximately 2,32,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States and despite trying every medicinal treatment almost 40,000 of them lose their lives to something that could have been treated provided they knew it was breast cancer at an early stage. Isn’t it disappointing? It is really heartbreaking looking at so many women going for breast removal every year because of one issue or another. Women have the amazing power to give birth, and she is the one who ensures continuity of life on this planet. Then why this breast cancer, breast removal, fibrocystic breast and everything else comes into the picture? Can it be avoided? Of course, in most of the cases, we can avoid the complications occurring inside the breast by taking proper care of the crucial organ and by paying the attention it deserves. And still, if something is going on wrong inside, some simple home remedies for breast care can solve it and stop it from growing into a big issue. But again, for these home remedies for breast acre also, you will need to stay alert.

breast care

The problems a woman has to face these days are making the world a tough place to live in for the soft gender. Women’s health issues are totally different from the problems men generally face. And the difference arises due to the difference in anatomy of the two. Woman body makes it more susceptible to many diseases than that of men. Hence we cannot think that the same cure can be effective for both of them as the disease of the same intensity leaves much more impact on a woman than it can harm a man. Also we have some unique issue that men can never ever relate to, and breast acre also is one of them. Taking proper care of your breast is something every woman should have time for. It is kind of a compulsion to keep this vital part of our body healthy in today’s world where we live such an unhealthy lifestyle. Over and above that the rate with which cases of breast cancer are increasing in the United States and all around the world, it becomes even more important to take a note on what is good for your breast and what not.

In this context, it is always better to be proactive rather than being reactive because once things go out of the way, it will not be easy anymore to manage them. For being preventive you need to know in detail how can you take care of your breast health, just by practicing some natural breast care remedies at home. Given below are some natural home remedies for breast care that every woman should have a look at, and in fact, note out seriously in order to avoid future complications.

Home Remedies For Breast Care 


Massage is the first and also the best of all the home remedies for breast care. You may not find it irrelevant at first sight, but in order to keep your breast perfectly healthy, you should massage the area regularly. Simply by massaging the tissue to keep fluids moving and circulating within the breast, you can help to prevent toxins from building up. A big lump is not formed all of a sudden and it results from the gradual accumulation of toxins over time. By proper self-examination, you can figure out the formation of any lumen the breast at an early stage. This early detection will help you take instant action and you will not have to bear much pain. If you feel any kind of tenderness in your breast, self- examine for the presence of a small lump. Give a firm but gentle massage at least once a week. If you can do it with your own hands, well and good as you know where exactly the affected area is; but if you can’t take your partner’s help, a free of cost home remedies for breast care, and still the best.

breast massage for breast care

You can use any of the home remedies for breast acre discussed below, but without massage, you can never ensure a healthy breast. This is why we have kept it right at the beginning of the list of home remedies for breast care. While massaging, you can use coconut oil to give a gentle massage to your breast at least once in a week. If you notice any lump which is consistent in size, you should not ignore it and get medical attention soon. Handheld massagers are also available in the market these days and there is no harm using them if you are breastfeeding or your breast needs extra care due to any such reason. If you regularly or frequently have the problem of blocked milk duct in your breast, you can purchase a good one for you.

Ginkgo biloba

Gingko biloba is famous for boosting memory, but recent studies have revealed that it is more than mere memory booster and the outcomes of these studies are going to change the lives of females forever. Gingko biloba extract is the best way to improve circulation of fluid inside the breast naturally and also for natural breast care. This herb is known for not only increasing other fluids flow rate but also enhances blood circulation. This helps in keeping the breast health and reduces the chances of any type of clot formation.

Ginkgo biloba for breast care

Have you ever felt some sort of swelling or heaviness in your breast? If you encounter this problem quite regularly, then this herbal remedy is for you. the improved circulation of blood in the breast ultimately reduces the chance of any type of swelling, lump formation or any diseases in the breast. You can regularly consume the extract of gingko biloba and trust me, you would unknowingly fight with severe and chronic diseases like breast cancer as well as minor hormonal problems relating to your breast. Isn’t the herb amazing?

Chaste tree

Chaste tree directly affects hormones like estrogen, and other hormones that define the breast and overall health of a female, and are considered to be a natural breast care element. The chaste tree was first associated with women’s breast by the ancient Greek physician, Dioscorides, who recognized its effect on the female reproductive system, notably the herb’s ability to increase milk production in nursing mothers. Later on, after so many studies and researches, it was proved that chaste tree is beneficial for women in not one or two but many ways.

chasteberry-for-breast care

The herb regulates their cycle, reduces and eases their menstrual cramps, and even clears up acne, better than any over-the-counter medication on the market. It is known for its effect in correcting hormonal imbalances. And being a female you know how important it is to keep your hormones under check. Once they are not in sync, you will face menstrual problems, breast issues, and what not. So, it is best to use the chaste tree to maintain an appropriate hormonal balance and fight off many breast diseases, that too naturally.

Fatty acid

If you are a non- vegetarian, I  would recommend you should include fishes in your regular diet as they ensure the overall health of females and also contribute towards avoiding the growth of lumps as in the case of a fibrocystic breast.

fatty acid in breast care

This is yet another way to control any hormonal disturbances and take good care of your breast. Fatty acids, like omega- 3 fatty acid have a great benefit in relevance to your breast. Don’t eat anything but the best and home remedies for breast care are giving you the names of some of the best and most nutritious fishes. The best fish for female health include those high in the omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, trout, and mackerel. These fish are also high in iodine, a deficiency of which may be a factor in the development of breast lumps. Eating moderate amounts of fish may help prevent lumps making it one of the best natural diet home remedies for breast care. Flaxseed, soybean and walnut are a few choices that you can include in your food schedule to have a positive effect if you are strictly vegetarian. But to let them work the same way fish would, you would have to take a significant amount of these as a part of your daily diet.

Have a good diet

If you are a woman, you have to extra careful while eating anything because it will have a huge impact on your body, health as well as reproductive organs. Do you know why you are told to have more of Green peppers, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, black currants, strawberries, blueberries, sea buckthorn, raw cabbage, and tomatoes? Because all of them are rich in vitamin C and vitamin C acts as an antioxidant for the human body. Antioxidants extract out toxins from our body and literally throw them out. They are the best way to keep our internal system healthy and are the really effective natural breast care remedy. Not only this they reduce the risk of the most common and deadly disease among woman today, breast cancer.

alkaline-diet for breast care

Apart from vitamin C, vitamin E also is essential for maintaining female health. Vitamin E is an amazing vitamin, especially for women. Adding foods to your diet which are rich in vitamin E can be one of the best natural home remedies for breast care, and a natural breast health remedy. Vitamin E works in a similar way to antioxidants to help rid the body of any harmful toxins. Eating foods like almonds, soybeans or oatmeal is a great way to add vitamin E to your diet and boost your breast health.

Keep a check on your weight

For a woman, being in shape is a challenge, but this challenge has to accepted by those who want to lead a perfectly healthy and complication free life. Being in a perfect shape or in other words maintaining an ideal weight is crucial not only for other big reasons, but it has a positive effect on your breast as well and a natural breast care remedy too. You might be aware of the fact that breasts are mainly made up of fat and glands. A minor increase in weight can have very significant effect on breast size. Imbalanced weight also introduces hormonal disturbances to our body, which again is directly related to breast health. Obese women are more prone to the problem of sterility than women who weigh in correspondence to their height. Weight loss allows your body to resume normal functioning which is very important for getting your menstruation regularly.

healthy weight

It doesn’t mean you would start starving to lose weight. You have to do it but make sure it is done in a healthy manner while maintaining the balance of nutrition you body needs. You have to lose those extra kilos if you are fat, eliminate stress from your life, and let physical workout, yoga, meditation and morning walks enter in your daily routine. These three things are easy to advise, but when it comes to achieving to bringing them in real, they are no less difficult. You can not even count how many minor and major health complications you will have to deal with if these things are not going right in your life. Hence even before implementing the home remedies for breast care in your life, make sure you work on these aspects and have control on your mind, heart and of course, weight.

Stay away from smoking and drinking

If you ask me the two enemies to a healthy breast and also a healthy body, I would without a doubt announce them as smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking in no way are healthy habits for your entire body as well as for your breast. They reduce our capacity to do any work and on the other hand increase the chances of heart attack and lung cancer. These are some of the common issues that every man and women will have to face as a result of alcohol and cigarettes. But being a woman is tough because of smoking and alcohol both have a direct impact on your breast health.

no smoking for breast care

Especially for women it has very bad impact on the overall health and develops several breast issues as well. Getting rid of them is the best natural breast care remedy. Hence, home remedies for breast care suggest you drop these bad habits if you really want to ensure a healthy life and healthy breast too.

Drink plenty of water

Every woman should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Staying hydrated has a great role to play in avoiding major health ailment like breast cancer in woman. So drink more and more water, as a natural breast care remedy. There is no alternative for water. In the same way, you can choose any of the home remedies for breast care, but this one has no replacement. You have to drink water to fight with not only breast related problems but also several other health issues. You will see tremendous changes in your health and body once you start drinking the appropriate amount of water.

drink more water

Water has a direct relation with almost all your health issues, and breast problems are no exception. Whether you have a problem of acidity and belching or not, you should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Whether you want to treat any breast problem with home remedies for breast care or not, you should use this particular remedy. Just follow the key to keep your mouth wet always. Whenever you feel dryness inside, get a glass of water and drink. Drink lots and lots of water to avoid dehydration and other problems. Make sure the water you drink is either filtered or boiled. You can also eat fruits with high fluid contents if you are fed up with plain water, but the idea is to keep the liquids into your body high.

Be precise about the size of bra you wear

No matter how much precise and intact we are about our clothes, we often ignore the quality and size of undergarments. However, this is a mistake no female should do. Taking the size of undergarment for granted can land your health in trouble.  It should not be the case to go with any bra when you shop for it. Devote some time and attention towards choosing the right bra that fits you the most.

right bra for breast care

The first thing to do is to be sure about your size. If you keep on wearing a tight bra, it will restrict your breast from growing and as a result, the lymphatic fluid will also not move freely. Due to all this, some type of toxins may find their way to develop, which can be dangerous for your health. Wearing a loose one is also equally harmful. It will make your breast look saggy. So, just take one that precisely fits you. If you do not have any comfort issue, go for a cotton bra. Even if you have to pay a bit higher, make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing.

With these home remedies for breast care, some healthy practices and dietary changes discussed below, you can give a healthy treat to your breast and live your lifetime without the need of any medical assistance and major breast issues like breast cancer. The best natural home remedies for breast care have been mentioned and elaborated here, now you only need some basic lifestyle changes if at all you are not going right with them and you will no more be more prone to diseases relating to the breast.

The first lifestyle hacks to a healthy life with perfectly healthy and in shape breast are exercise. Exercise, mild workout if you cannot afford extensive workout, is really necessary. It contributes to our overall health, and in addition to this always has a good share in keeping the hormonal levels in check. This once again is in favor of your breast. It is one of the best home remedies for breast care, and also a necessity to maintain right body mass index, and to keep your breast in good shape and size, devote at least 20 minutes for exercise daily. No matter you choose to do it in morning or in the evening hours after doing all your work, but it is important to do it. Apart from this, you should be aware of the common killers of the era like breast cancer. And in case you are a real health freak, you must start preventive measures against such a deadly disease.

workout for breast care

It won’t be wise enough to start taking pills even before the disease hits you, but you can anytime use home remedies for breast care as they are totally side effect free and also healthy. Although it is not possible to completely treat the disease with home remedies alone, you can surely increase the improvement rate by these. Also, they are excellent at avoiding the bad thing happen to you. Home remedies for breast cancer are available, not necessarily to cure breast cancer but to boost the immune system or kill the cancerous tissues to a certain extent.

According to national cancer institute family history, radiation therapy, consumption of alcohol, and aging are some of the factors that put you at the risk of getting breast cancer. Drinking green tea and eating grapes are the easiest way to reduce your chances, other than this garlic again have some antibiotic properties that help in curing the ailment. Broccoli also contains the “Linamarase” gene that when present inside cancer cells can break down into cyanide and effectively kill tumorous cells. It is advised to cut down on hot dogs, beef, lamb, and pork since they contain a high amount of saturated fats. Eating less of these types of red meat will reduce the risk of prostate and colon cancer. With this, we have given you enough of information as well as some tools that will assist you in breast care. Now, the responsibility is yours. Take good care of your body and feel proud of being born as a woman. Life will not be the same once you start taking you health, you body, and the home remedies for breast care seriously.