KTM is part of TGL Group LTD

We can supply, advise and provide for all your Traffic Management needs in a


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Traffic Management Drawings and Plans

High quality, easy to read traffic management drawings and plans to suit all aspects of the highway construction industry.

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Traffic Management

KTM are part of TGL Group LTD. All of the operatives are trained to Lantra 12D.

Road Closed sign in a triangle

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO)

Works requiring restrictions such as the closure of a public highway, banned manoeuvres or diversions, will require a TTRO.



We provide consultancy advice where we can often recommend alternative and sometimes-preferable schemes to those that have been planned.

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Site Meetings

We will attend site meetings. This enables us to liaise with various organisations on your behalf prior to commencing the project.


Vehicle Swept Path Analysis Drawings (VSP)

These drawings are used to ensure safe passage for abnormal loads or for HGV's travelling through road works.


“I would not hesitate to use KTM’s services and would recommend them to others due to their professional approach.”

“I would thoroughly recommend KTM to all who are in need of a professional Traffic Management Company.”

“We have always found KTM’s service of high quality especially in terms of service delivery.”

“I have dealt with KTM Keiton Traffic Management since 2011, during which time they have consistently provided my business with high quality traffic management drawings and plans that are an integral part of the service we provide. They are able to produce drawings within a 24 -hour timeframe and we are therefore able to attend onsite meetings to discuss traffic management requirements at short notice. I confidently recommend KTM as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.”