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Please write your check to Oregon WINPAC and mail to:

P.O. Box 8432, Portland, OR 97207-8432

Contribute online! When you donate online, you help us keep our overhead costs low so your dollars can flow to our targeted candidates.  Contribute on our secure website today!

Your contribution will help WINPAC give critical financial support to women running for the Oregon Legislature.

WINPAC believes in providing early money to help women get their campaigns off to strong, convincing starts. WINPAC also depends on a family of regular contributors at the following giving levels:

– MARIAN’s Table*       $1000 annually

– ALICE’s Circle**         $500 annually

– Full Member               $120 annually

Contributions to WINPAC are eligible for Oregon Political Contribution Tax Credits ($100 joint, $50 single).


“As a founding member of WINPAC, I have seen how early money to qualified candidates plays out successfully in election after election. WINPAC is the only Oregon group for pro-choice, Democratic women who need what often matters most — money.”       — The Honorable Betty Roberts


*MARIAN stands for Money ARegular Intervals Adds up Nicely

**ALICE stands for A Little Investment for Choice and Equity