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    16 sep.

    Jim Carrey impersonating celebrities, 1992.

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  2. 16 sep.
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  3. 16 sep.

    I could watch commentate all day long.. making commentating come to life. Love it. 💯

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    14 sep.

    Ava()sets off to take down the men she thinks are responsible for her husband's disappearance. Watch for FREE on Prime Video . Stars ,,,,, et al.

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  5. 12 sep.
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    7 sep.

    "I just got really hooked on the MMA part in the wrestling. And about that time, you’re starting to see people like fight in Strikeforce, and I was like 'Oh my gosh, girls are doing this!' That was my motivation to join the wrestling team."

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  7. 4 sep.
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    4 sep.

    Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary - BBC News

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  9. 25 aug.
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  10. 24 aug.
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  11. 22 aug.
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    21 aug.

    “I make a film like I cook for friends. I hope they like it, but if they don’t, I’m prepared to enjoy it all by myself.” Happy 86th birthday to the intrepid, independent filmmaking pioneer Melvin van Peebles!

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  13. 16 aug.

    So ruined raisins for a lifetime for me. Just raisins, not wine. ☺️ The Raisin Scene

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  14. 15 aug.

    9 year anniversary of this fight with .. I’m so grateful to be the person I am today and I know I wouldn’t be this way had it not only been for the wonderful blessings I’ve…

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    14 aug.

    I just watched some interviews from with and saw a true display of what I always thought of mixed martial artist's..Innocent, Passionate, Raw.. the og 👊🏽

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    15 aug.

    Today in MMA History: When Cris Cyborg vs. Gina Carano elevated women's MMA to new heights

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  17. 13 aug.

    Yaaay Hawn!! can’t wait to check it out. 😆 congrats buddy! 🤗

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    11 aug.

    Charlie's Angels: Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson

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    10 aug.

    Thanks to and for the shot out 👊 Was a great, insightful episode 🙏 I think my liver still hurts from this ☹ Out of all the horrible things I've had to deal with…

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    7 aug.

    This lovely video of popped up on my YT feed.. whoever made it, I love you😍🖤👌🏼

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