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UFC #7 Bantamweight, Trains at Jackson's MMA, Record 20-8 (9 (T)KO, 2 SUB), ON TUF 14 & Winner of TUF 14.

Albuquerque, NM
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  1. 14 sep.

    Yep can't wait to get back into the octagon and I will be on my way up

    Ongedaan maken
  2. 12 sep.

    Yep gotta work a few bugs out. I was close to all these punches but still far from finishing the fight. Gotta make some changes before my next fight comes around. Not perfect and still working on be better. New day new start.

    Ongedaan maken
  3. 6 sep.

    Y'all know it's about to be a good time. Fight night here we come. Nothing but smiles going into the octagon and we'll leave the same way

    Ongedaan maken
  4. 5 sep.

    Got in and started signing these posters. It's the beginning of something for this weekend for @diegonightmaresanchezufc and I

    Ongedaan maken
  5. 25 aug.

    Believe in who you are and stand by it no matter what others think. Be that oddball that stands out and starts a following.

    Ongedaan maken
  6. heeft geretweet
    15 aug.

    Hey bro, it’s time to be champ champ. You’re still the top 10 G.O.A.T Go beat Henry & TJ (again )

    Ongedaan maken
  7. 22 aug.

    We were working on flying high today. I just want time to fly by this fast so I can fight already. I can't wait

    Ongedaan maken
  8. 21 aug.

    We throwing bombs today. Every roundfelt like a fight so we are truly forged in fire to become a sharper and more dangerous weapon

    Ongedaan maken
  9. 17 aug.

    Great night of mitts. Feeling sharp, focus and ready to go to war

    Ongedaan maken
  10. 15 aug.

    Gotta work on em I wanna be stronger and faster for this fight here I come

    Ongedaan maken
  11. 15 aug.

    The best way to move forward is not to forget the past but burned into you so you can reach new levels of greatness.

    Ongedaan maken
  12. 13 aug.

    Dont worry princess daddy will keep his hands up and dodge all the shots. I promise I'll hit him more than he can touch me

    Ongedaan maken
  13. 12 aug.

    Look what came in the mail. And y'all were wondering if I got tested 25 times and clean. The answer is yes I have

    Ongedaan maken
  14. 10 aug.

    Focus on the task on hand... well it's a good thing it's Friday so I can take a break. NA I would say something like that if I didn't wanna be successful. Everyday is another day to build on my greatness

    Ongedaan maken
  15. 9 aug.

    No matter you feel. GET UP, DRESS UP, SHOW UP AND NEVER GIVE UP

    Ongedaan maken
  16. 9 aug.

    You can't have speed without power. I'm ready to show the world how scary my power is

    Ongedaan maken
  17. 7 aug.

    Great rounds with these amazing people. Today was a good day. I can't wait for Sept 8th to come

    Ongedaan maken
  18. 7 aug.
    Ongedaan maken
  19. 6 aug.

    It's getting closer and I can't wait. This is gonna be a fight y'all don't wanna miss.

    Ongedaan maken
  20. 3 aug.

    Just finished up some killer mitts right now. I'll have a 100 round drum after working with watch out world

    Ongedaan maken

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