Village Extension Programmes

Vision: Extending Services to Empower the Community


  • Promoting  community based organization (CBOs)
  • Addressing social and economic issues as enunciated by Mahatma   Gandhi
  • Promoting and Strengthening ‘Capacity building’ activities and   livelihood  programmes
  • Preparing people for climate change
  • Ensuring people’s participation in all the development programmes
  • Developing and disseminating replicable models for rural people in the field of Science and Technology

Empowerment through Self Help Groups

The concept of SHG has been adopted by us to empower the women in socio, economic and also political arena during 1997 –’98.  We believe that the economic development is base for women’s empowerment. We started to promote SHGs initially for women and later for men and youth. We inculcated the habits of thrift, savings and credit among the SHG members. We trained them in Self Help Group Management as well as in Entrepreneurship. By dovetailing and taping various viable resources enriched their growth.  The details of SHGs promoted by us as follows

SHGs linked with Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation – 835
SHGs promoted under RSVY – 101
SHGs promoted under SFURTI ( a KVIC project) – 35
SHGs at T.Subbalapuram & Sivasailam – 102
Total 1,073

The above SHGs are grouped into 37 Federations in which 12 matured Federations are registered under trust and Socities act. We are facilitating them to function individually.    Two of our Federations (N.Panjampatti & Gandhigram PLFs) are become independent NGOs and affiliated with the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women Development ltd.,

The SHGs have launched their own production units and also associated with the Gandhigram Trust facilitated production units, including the Papad and Chips, Sanitary Napkin, Paper cups, Arecanut leaf plates, Washing soap, Washing powder, Mattress and pillows, Candles, Rexene bags, Steel furniture, Neem oil, Neem cake unit, Ready-made garments, Jam, pickles, Candle and Compressed sambrani, Jewel files, Mushroom, Spinning, Vermi composting and three dairy units. Food processing unit including production of pickle and fruit juice and curry powders have also been started. Usually one group will manage a single unit with about 3-5 people working in the unit and the rest of the group join whenever there are more orders for the production. Presently we are promoting group economic activity for entire group members. Apart from the group economical activities, there are 3000 Individual entrepreneurs are engaged in different trades. Gandhigram Trust has been raising resources from different agencies for village development work.

Ministry of Rural Development Government of India -Funds through DRDA for various projects
Various Departments of the State Government such as Social Welfare, Agriculture, Forest, ICDS etc.

Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation
Friends of Gandhigram from Foreign countries
Banks For Micro Enterprises

A batch of 150 people (80 % of them are SHG women) have been selected   and trained in direct selling (door to door) They are called Gandhigram Sales Representative (GSR) and these representatives are getting  10 to 35% of sales commission for the sales of products produced by the Gandhigram Trust as well as SHGs.
Apart from their own initiatives, the SHGs are also encouraged to play an active role in the social and political activity in the village. They actively participate in the Gram Sabha convened by their respective Panchayats, 18 SHG members have been elected out of 36 contested in local government as Panchayat functionaries (from the level of District councilor to ward member).

Repayment of Bank loan is to the extent of 99.6%
Average Savings   Rs. 5,500  per member
50% of SHG members benefited directly and indirectly from enterprise   activities
Investment made for enterprises – Rs. 1 lakh to 6 lakhs per unit

Training Activities
Taking up demand based training programmes are one of the important areas of activity of Gandhigram Trust. There are 50 short duration training programmes conducted on request from the Departments / Agencies of the government, NGOs and others interested. Hence, undertaking training programmes is one of the continuing activities of the trust.

Training facilities available at Gandhigram trust are moderate. There are five training halls – one with a seating capacity of 30, and another four with a seating capacity of 50.  Training equipments such as audio visual aids including LCD are available. There is a trainees’ hostel exclusively meant for accommodating participations. We also have dormitory type of accommodation for women. Besides this there are a few Guest houses. There is a Self Help Group run canteen with in the campus, which provides good food at moderate prices.

Senior Resource Persons are available for providing training on SHG and Federation Management. Some of the staff has been trained by the state government and International agencies as TOTs. There are staffs who have acquired over 10-25 years of experience in Rural Development Schemes, Community Development and Micro Credit etc. We also promoted 70 TOTs and 12 Community Resource Persons among our SHG members

Presently we are conducting continuous training programmes on Governance and Finance Management for the Office Bearers of the Panchayat level Federations after signing MoU with the Tamil Nadu State Non Governmental Organisation Volunteers Resource Centre, Chennai.

Skill Training


Our Cluster Coordinators



N.Panjampatti PLF with District Collector and PO DRDA

N.Panjampatty SHG federation have got State Level Manimekalai award for the best performance


Women’s meet a part of Gandhi jeyanthy celebration


Gandhigram SHG federation have got District Level Manimekalai award for the best performance

Manimegalai Award - Gandhigram

Manimegalai Award - Gandhigram

Sanitary Napkin Production from 2000


Orientation Training to the NABARD DGMs of Tamilnadu


Participating in Cultural cometition


Women’s day celebration

Our Managing Trustee explains about our Sanitary Napkin to The Chairperson KVIC Sushri Kumud Joshi


Our counseling center for women

Gandhigram-Womens-Counseling-Center nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz

Founders of Gandhigram Trust

Gandhigram Trust Founders

Jobs / Opportunities

News / Events

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