Ergonomic Injury Prevention and More

Costly productivity losses, errors and waste, injuries on the job, low morale and high turnover are threats to any business. Accurately diagnosing and avoiding these system failures is key to success. We provide ergonomics engineering, ergonomic assessment software, consulting and training services that help companies create and sustain work systems where employees and their companies thrive. We help grow the reach, influence and value of ergonomics among our clients and partners.

Some Of Our Customers

Ergoweb Enterprise℠ Software

Ergoweb Enterprise℠ is a flexible, scalable software-as-a-service system that encourages a continuous improvement workflow for ergonomics in the workplace with stepwise guidance for workplace design, ergonomic risk assessment, improvement exploration and process documentation.

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Ergonomics Consulting and Training

We help companies create, deploy and maintain effective and sustainable ergonomics processes with a blend of support services scaled to your needs, including remote or onsite consulting and training options for all ergonomics knowledge levels, delivered online or at your site. Whether you need a full service approach, a little extra capacity, or help with a challenging problem, Ergoweb has you covered.

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Latest Resources

Thousands of ergonomics resources, including links to ergonomic assessment guidelines, case studies, news, events and more.

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