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It has been a pleasure so far to be your County Coordinator. To make this a better site, we really need new submissions of information-- any kind of genealogical document for the county is definitely wanted. Those of you that heard about my loss of data a couple years ago were very supportive, as last year I took many photos in Madison County of tombstones and other things of interest for the website, and then my hard drive died.

I have been able to gather some new items for the site, and retaken many of the tombstone photographs I had lost. I expect they will be up in the near future. I appreciate your support and hope you find something useful on this website! Email me at EmbryProject@gmail.com

~Alice Warner Brosey
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Madison County was first settled in 1724 by a group of German Lutherans who founded the Hebron Lutheran Church, the oldest Lutheran Church in America. Madison County was granted a charter in December 1792 and a log courthouse was built in 1793. The present brick courthouse was built in 1829-1830. It was named for the Madison family that owned a tract of land along the Rapidan River. The county seat of Madison County, Virginia, is Madison. For more historical information, click the "History" link on the left sidebar.


Disasters in Madison County [email me to add others]:

A thunderstorm parked itself over Madison County dumping close to a foot of rain during the last week of June 1995. To make matters worse, the region suffered from an all time record drought during the month of August and September 1995, destroying the remaining crops that survived the flood.


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Genealogy of Madison County, 
(with Shortcuts to Ancestor Counties):

Charles River Co (Original Shire)->  Chickacoan Indian Reserve ->name changed to
 York Co (1642)  ->   Northumberland Co (1648) ->   Lancaster Co (1651)
    New Kent Co (1654)    ->   Rappahannock Co (1656-1692) (defunct)
King and Queen Co (1691)     ->      Essex Co (1692)
       -> King William Co (1702) ->   Spotsylvania Co (1721) -> Orange Co (1734)
                  Culpeper Co (1749) ->  Madison Co (1793)



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Madison County, Virginia