Scripts of the Hebrew Language
The text of the Mezuzah is said to be of the “Ashuri” (Assyrian) script. The following chart shows some of the script families of the Hebrew alphabet:
1. Ashuri. (Assyrian.) This is the script used for Mezuzot, Sifrei Torah and Tefillin. It is also known as “square” script.

2. Cursive. This is the script generally used in regular everyday contexts, such as taking notes in a classroom. Although very popular, it is actually relatively new, originating less than 2 centuries ago.

3. Rashi. The so-called “Rashi” script is one that you will often find in the works of Rabbinic commentaries, both on the Torah and on the Talmud.

4. Printed. Most printed Hebrew books used this script, which is quite similar to the Ashuri script.

5. Ivri. When the Talmud tells us that Mezuzot, Tefillin and Sifrei Torah must be written in the Ashuri script, what other script were they coming to exclude? This one, the Ivri script, which is quite different in appearance from the others shown here. It was quite popular during the time of the first Beis-haMikdash.

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