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Richworth Polo Shirt

Polo shirt

Richworth Clothing


Great quality new polo shirts with Richworth logo embroidered on front, collar & top of back.

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S Core 2

S-Core 2 - The Fishy One

S-Core Boilies Range

£4.99 - £9.99

S Core 2 – the best baits from a reliable UK company...

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Original Boilies Pink Tutti Fruiti and Esterberry

Esterberry and Pink Tutti Frutti

£4.99 - £39.99

New Esterberry and Pink Tutti Frutti flavour boilies now available in the worlds’ first commercially available boilie range and are better than ever, at very competitive pricing starting at £7.99 per kilo equivalent.

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Euro Boilies Rich Fruit Fish Cream

Euro Boilies 3kg

EURO Boilies 3kg Range


New for 2018, Euro Boilies available in Rich Cream, Rich Fish and Rich Fruit flavours.

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Type R Luncheon Meat New

Luncheon Meat

Type R - Coarse Baits


New Type R range luncheon meat flavours, pre-cut to 8mm, in re-sealable 150ml tub. Flavours include Pineapple Hawaiian, Crab Claw, Curried Spice, Coconut, Scopex & Red Krill.

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Type R Sweetcorn New


Type R - Coarse Baits


A range of whole grain sweetcorn flavours, in re-seallable pot. Soft enough to strike off, hard enough to stay on! Flavours include Pineapple Hawaiian, Crab Claw, Natural, Strawberry Jam, Scopex & Red Krill.

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Welcome to Richworth Where Quality Counts

Great baits full of natural goodness

Bob and Eileen Baker the owners of Richworth decided to retire last year and finally closed the doors in Feb 2017. Colin Baker their son and Greg their longest serving member of staff joined forces with us to ensure the brand continued. One or two things will change, you will notice the range is smaller but this may increase as time goes on. There is a new S Core available - a fishy version with dried freshwater shrimps, dried daphnia and Spirulina having been added to the amino acid blend found in S Core original. No flavours are added as one smell will confirm to you it doesn’t need one - a great bait full of natural goodness.

‘We have changed the 14mm to the more popular 15mm size bait and the 18mm have increased to 20mm. All Richworth flavours remain the same however, bought from the same sources as always.

Contact us: admin[at]richworth[dot]com or sales[at]richworth[dot]com or phone +44(0)33 33 20 2015


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