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Upgrading to ai.type Keyboard Plus!

Why upgrade to ai.type keyboard plus? Watch the video to learn more

ai.type Keyboard Sounds and Vibrations

To change your sound and vibration settings, open the settings menu by LONG clicking the ai.type key on the bottom left area then press “Look & Feel”. At this settings window, you may customize sounds and vibrations as you wish by checking or un-checking the desired features, defining volume or other attributes. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Search

Searching the web using the ai.type Keyboard is a quickest way to search for anything you want. Just type the your search query and press the search button at the bottom right corner of your keyboard. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Resize

The dynamic re-sizing feature, allows you to enlarge the keyboard or reduce its size, to optimise the work space you need. Easily drag the resize arrow up and down to resize the keyboard anytime. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Ginger

The Ginger Grammar Checker allows you to check your English text for grammatical errors. After you type a sentence, you may press the Ginger button at the top left corner of the suggestion bar to execute a grammar check. A new sentence will be generated automatically. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Prediction, Completion, Correction

ai.type Keyboard suggests the next word you may want to type by predicting it based on context and your personal style. It’s also suggests a possible correction for words you’ve typed or complete words as you type them. The top bar presents a few words each time while the middle option is the most recommended. You may press each of the words when it’s relevant and fits the sentence you’re writing. After you’ve started typing a word, ai.type will allow you to complete it by pressing each of the suggestions at the top bar to use them. When the space bar changes its color, you may press it to accept the most relevant completion presented at the top bar. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Gesture Typing

To write using gestures, simply drag your finger between letters without removing it. Removing the finger will space between the words you’re typing. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Emoji

Use the ai.type Emoji extension to add expressions and feelings to your emails and messages. Some applications will not be able to present the Emojis before you send them. At these cases, press the “Emoji Preview” button at the suggestion bar to generate a preview of your message before sending it. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Editing, Undo, Redo

The ai.type keyboard stores a large variety of utilities. You may access the utilities area using a single click on the the ai.type button on the bottom left corner. For example, use the undo and redo buttons to repeat or cancel the last actions you’ve made. You may also use long clicks on the “Z” and “X” keys to undo or redo anytime. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Editing Personal Shortcuts

You may add your own personal shortcuts to your keyboard dictionary. To add a shortcut, access the settings menu by LONG clicking the ai.type button then chose “Prediction”. Inside the following setting window, chose the “personal shortcuts” option then the “+” button to add a new shortcut. You may than define a shortcut such as “On My Way” using the letters “OMW” and a matching text. Now, press the back key to get back to your keyboard. You may now use the shortcut while typing. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Colors and Background

To change the current keyboard colors and background, access the settings menu by LONG clicking the ai.type button then choose “Look & Feel”. First, make sure the “apply color effect on all themes” options is enabled. Then, you may define each component’s color as you wish. For example, this action defines the actual key color to be purple. Going back to the same settings screen, choose the “background image” option and choose a new background image from your gallery. Going back to your keyboard, you’ll see your new design- ready to go! Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Applying Themes

To change the current keyboard theme, access the settings menu by LONG clicking the ai.type button then choose “Look & Feel”. Choose “Keyboard Theme” under the appearance section and swipe between themes right or left. Choose a theme by simply clicking on the “Apply” button then go back to your keyboard. You’re now using the new theme!” You may also get more free or premium themes from the Google Play store by pressing the “get more themes” link on the themes library. Apply the newly downloaded theme to start using it. Help video

ai.type Keyboard – Adding Languages

To add a language to your keyboard, open the settings menu by LONG clicking the ai.type key on the bottom left area then press “Languages”. Following, browse the list of available languages and check the box next to the language layout you want to add then press “back”. Now, switch to the new language by swiping the space bar key then press the download button on the top bar. You’ll then be re-directed to the Google Play store to download a free language pack…(***Wait until the 50th second***)…The space bar will present the current language in use. You may now start typing in the new language using the ai.type prediction, correction and completion suggestions.  You can switch between your installed languages anytime by simply swiping the space bar right or left. Help video