SIGGRAPH 2018 Tech Talk Videos Now Available!

By Jodie Anderson

At the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference, Epic Games presented a series of tech talks on uses of Unreal Engine for media & entertainment. In case you missed them (or just want to revisit your favorites!), several of these fascinating one-hour talks are now available for viewing.

Virtual Production in Unreal Engine 4.20  - Data, media, and collaboration tools in Unreal Engine 4.20 combine with classic live action techniques to bring the latest in virtual production. Presented by Ryan Mayeda, Product Manager at Epic Games.

Mixed Reality Production with Unreal Engine - Find out how to develop for mixed reality location-based entertainment such as immersive games for arcades and theme parks. Presented by David Hurtubise, Technical Account Manager at Epic Games.

Fortnite: Advancing the Animation Pipeline - Learn about the real-time pipeline used to create the trailer for the Fortnite game with Unreal Engine, from set design, motion capture, and shot design to rigging, data import, special effects and final pixels. Presented by Brian Pohl, M&E; Technical Account Manager at Epic Games. 

Real-Time Motion Capture in Unreal Engine - Real-time motion capture provides instant feedback on mocap data and gives directors more creative freedom in designing shots. See how the Live Link plugin for Unreal Engine makes it easy to stream mocap data directly into Unreal Engine for real-time review. Presented by David Hibbitts, Technical Account Manager at Epic Games.

Watch the videos to get a glimpse at current and future uses of Unreal Engine in media and entertainment, then download Unreal Studio to get Unreal Engine and a full suite of tools for your own project!

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