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Hi-Tech War Crime Report (PDF)

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Hi-Tech War Crime Report for Congress & The Trump Administration
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Table of Contents:
I. Facts & Evidence
II. Black Project Technology Capabilities
III. Targeted Individual Testimony
IV. Microwave Warfare
V. Neuro-Abuse
VI. Social Engineering
VII. Counter-Proliferation Programs
VIII. Black Ops Crime Syndicate
IV. Solutions

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Nunes Memo - Downloadable PDF of the FISA Court Memo (Russia Hoax)

Nunes FISA Court Memo - Downloadable PDF
Press Releases
Nunes Statement on Release of HPSCI Memo
Washington, February 2, 2018

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence today made public a committee memo with information on abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Chairman Nunes issued the following statement:

“The Committee has discovered serious violations of the public trust, and the American people have a right to know when officials in crucial institutions are abusing their authority for political purposes. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies exist to defend the American people, not to be exploited to target one group on behalf of another. It is my hope that the Committee’s actions will shine a light on this alarming series of events so we can make reforms that allow the American people to have full faith and confidence in their governing institutions.”
What you see in the memo:
* A conspiracy within the U.S. government to undermine a Presidential candidate's election. Which is ironic, that is exactly what compromised mainstream media and the same government sources who sought to undermine Donald Trump's election say about Russia.
* Over $160,000 was paid to an agent of the DNC and Hillary Clinton to "obtain derogatory information on Donald Trump's ties to Russia."
* Department of Justice & FBI negligence/bias in stopping the unscrupulous undermining of then U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump's election campaign is reported in the memo
* The memo denotes that "political actors" were involved in the Steele dossier
* FISA court application negligence is reported in the memo
* Inconsistency between the Steel dossier and Steele's testimony in British court are reported in the memo
* The memo describes: An FBI definition of "the most serious of violations" - an asset speaking about their FBI relations with the media, which denotes a culture of secrecy in the FBI.
* Steele was noted to conceal information from the FBI, it is also said he lied to the FBI
* Key information was concealed from the FISA court, Such as the wife of a former Director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (Bruce Ohr) was working for Fusion GPS to drum up dirt on Donald Trump
* According to the declassified document Christopher Steele, who produced potentially slanderous allegations against the Trump White House and Russia with his dossier, "was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected, and was passionate about him not being President"
* The Steele dossier was internally considered by the FBI to be "minimally corroborated", yet this didn't stop a psychological warfare charade demonizing Donald Trump and Russia with the Steele dossier
* The document finishes off stating that various FBI employees have a "clear bias" against Trump

Read the Memo - Click Here

Psychological Warfare Analysis

The top right segment of this image was a headlining twitter top news for hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo. Social engineering involving the Russian collusion hoax on the day of the memo release (pictured). Note the manipulative NLP usage. This is what modern Operation Mockingbird looks like. What you see is state sponsored propaganda to shift blame from U.S. government conspiracy to scapegoats Trump, Russia, and Vladimir Putin.

What you see in the memo PDF linked is that U.S. government sources colluded to undermine Donald Trump's 2016 election with 'dirt about his relationship with Russia'.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

CIA Project Insectothopter & Project Ornithopter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Insectothopter was a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency's research and development office in the 1970s. The Insectothopter was the size of a dragonfly, and was hand-painted to look like one. It was powered by a miniature fluidic oscillator to propel the wings up and down at the proper rate to provide both lift and thrust. A small amount of propellant produced gas to drive the oscillator, and extra thrust came from the excess gas vented out the rear. The project was abandoned when the Insectothopter was found to be too difficult to control in crosswinds.[1]"


From's Article: 10 Secret Military Intelligence Projects

Project Insectothopter & Ornithopter

"Similar to the Aquiline project, this was another attempt by the CIA to mimic the animal kingdom in the development of remote controlled aircraft. Project Ornithopter involved a birdlike drone designed to blend in with nature by flapping its wings. Another even smaller drone was designed to look like a crow that would land on window ledges and photograph, through the window, what was going on inside the building. Project Insectothopter took the concept to an even smaller animal – a drone designed to look like a dragonfly. Insectothopter was a green drone that flapped wings powered by miniature gas engines.

Not satisfied with mimicking mother nature – the CIA also used actual animals to do surveillance, including pigeons with “pigeon-cams” attached to their necks. Unfortunately, the birds were tired out by the extra weight of the cameras and returned to the CIA base on foot – too tired to fly (the project was abandoned). Maybe the strangest project of all was Project Acoustic Kitty, which placed acoustic listening devices on household cats. That project was abandoned when the cats strayed too far off target searching for food, and one was run over by a car.[2]"


Modern Day Insectothopter - Ornithopter

As seen above there is already compelling evidence that the CIA & US military are interested in weaponizing the animal kingdom (See also: Project: Acoustic Kitty). The most up to date versions of this sort of thing involves live birds and insects with radio frequency implants, which provides surveillance data and ability to control animals and insects. There is now a CIA database of animal and insect body movements to be cloned by operational artificial intelligence into live animals/insects to carry out objectives.

Through advanced frequency science[3] it is possible to turn the senses of a living being into surveillance channels, effectively turning the brain into a surveillance device. The brain itself is the transmitter while clandestine artificial intelligence processes the electromagnetic frequency data surveilled. The contents of the mind of any living being can be neurally monitored by end game frequency science (See: remote neural monitoring patent from the 1970s).


Weaponization of the Animal Kingdom

With apex electromagnetic science live animals and insects are extremely effective covert operations tools. End game frequency science is likened to the power of God by insiders with true access to it's potency. Dubbed "Wonder Weapons" by military sources, directed energy can effectively control a venomous live source to attack an individual. This type of covert operation is centered around the nature of plausible deniability.

Improbable circumstances with animals and insects have also been known to be part of the experimentation and neuroweaponry targeting programs testified by targeted individuals.

[x]: Insectothopter: The Bug-Carrying Bug - (
[1]: Insectothopter - (
[2]: 10 Secret Military Intelligence Projects - (
[3]: Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves - (Google Patents)

Read More on the Ornithopter:
Downed Ornithopter - (

Military Weaponization of Dolphins:
Military Dolphin - (
US Navy's Combat Dolphins - (

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking Insider

The following are quotes by an anonymous whistleblower,
an insider to the electronic harassment & organized stalking programs.

Security Industry Insider Quotes:
“I’m a security industry specialist who worked for a private security company in Seattle, Washington. I am no longer employed by this company. I chose to leave because I can no longer in good conscience work for a corrupt company that is involved in a highly illegal federal program that is blatantly violating the constitutional rights of American citizens on a daily basis. My company had a contract with one of the largest most powerful corporations in America that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. During my time as a security specialist I became aware of a massive social engineering program taking place in America today…”
“This social engineering program involves the federal government of the Unites States of America, the intelligence agencies of the Unites States of America, private security contractors, some of the largest corporations in America, local and state police, and social programs within the inner cities of America. This social engineering program experiments on the homeless, and experiments on the financially struggling, and experiments on individuals that do not have a lot of family and friends or money so that they have no means to defend themselves from this parasitic disgusting program. This program utilizes a technology that most know as voice to skull technology, it is a electromagnetic frequency machine, an electromagnetic frequency technology that utilizes radio frequency signals microwave auditory effect to induce sound within the cranial cavity of the target.”
“This technology is also used to manipulate the emotions of the individual.”
“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body. It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”
“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”
“This technology can also tap into the optical nerve of the target, and the auditory system of the target, so that those monitoring the target can see what the target is seeing and hear what target is hearing. This information is then downloaded and stored on a computer, in a highly secure classified site on servers that are guarded by some of the tightest security in the world. This results in the individual's entire day, everything they see, everything they hear, everything they experiment, everything they experience, and everything they feel being recorded till the end of time.”
“This technology can also be used to manipulate the emotions of the target. It can induce fear, love, hate.”
“This technology can be used to beam images and even motion pictures into one’s brain. Images and motion pictures that are so realistic that you think you are actually watching a movie or seeing something in reality. It’s like a virtual reality 3D rendering that takes place within the target’s mind. The images and motion pictures manifest themselves in such a way that the target if they are not aware that this technology is being used on them will believe that they are natural thoughts and natural images.”
“This technology can also be used to induce and control dreams. It can be used to control dream cycles and sleep patterns. To cause one to sleep very deeply or to cause one to not sleep at all. REM cycles, alpha beta and delta brainwaves can be induced immediately by this technology. And this technology can also be used to mimic spiritual experiences. Joy, love, peace that passes understanding can all be induced artificially by this technology to make the target believe that they are having a genuine spiritual experience when they’re not.”
“This technology can also be used to sexually manipulate the target. Make them feel sexual arousal or turn off their sexuality altogether, it can stimulate them and it can shut them down at a moments notice. It can also be used to manipulate the hormones of the target, thus lowering and raising estrogen and testosterone levels in women and men respectively.”
“This technology can also be used to read the thoughts of the target in real time.”
“… they can read your thoughts verbatim as they occur within your own mind.”
“One of the reasons I’m speaking out is because this technology, as horrible as it is, can also be used for truly miraculous purposes. It can be used to help humanity instead of harming humanity, it can be used to save people instead of destroying them. It can be used to literally make the blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame get up and walk. It can be used to solve many of the problems facing our country and the world today.”
“It can also be used to cure diseases, by healing cells manipulating genes and indeed manipulating the DNA of the target in real time. I’ve seen this technology used to repair ACL strains, MCL strains, sprained knees in a period of hours, as if someone laid hands on the individual and healed them instantly.”
“As an educated man and a man who has spent my life serving others in the security industry, and before that pursuing an education that was geared towards helping people I am extremely frustrated that this technology has fallen into the hands of people that are using it in the manner that they currently are. These people are juvenile and sophomoric in attitude, they’re irresponsible in disposition, and they are completely out of control in terms of the way that they are using it against the American people.”
“As a security specialist I saw them use this technology to experiment on their own workers. My fellow security specialists were experimented on in the workplace and outside of the workplace.”
“… they’re also monitored 24/7 by a system of surveillance that many on the internet would probably recognize as gangstalking. These are security specialists employed by private security companies, they’re also highly trained intelligence agents. These personnel are used to monitor the test subject 24 hours a day, both inside and outside of the workplace…”
“They’re evil in a way that I cannot understand, and I do not want to understand.”
"As many of the test subjects … have already learned, one of the key means of covering up this program is to use the psychological profession to do so. Those who speak out about this issue are funneled to psychiatrist for evaluation. The psychiatrists are working with those who are running this program, many cases they are directly paid by them to render a diagnosis of schizophrenic, multiple personality disorder, delusional, paranoid, depressed upon the test subjects, the targets, so that they will be discredited. So that if they talk out any further, or they ever start making any progress against this program, they are inherently discredited because those who run this program will simply release the psychological files and claim that the person is mentally ill. This is a perfect way to cover up such a technology whose main feature and most popular feature, most well known feature, is voice to skull. Which induces sound within the cranial cavity of the test subject, of the target themselves, so that when that person goes to speak out about it,… obviously if members of the general public are not aware of the existence of this technology, which many of them are not, most of them are not, they will interpret that as concerning,… and they will conclude that this person must be crazy. And as a result they will recommend psychological evaluation for that person."
“As good people, helpless people, that are being abused and tortured and enslaved and experimented upon in America today, American citizens cry out for help from their fellow Americans, and their fellow Americans say ‘why don’t you take some prozac, because we think you’re schizophrenic’ when this is a highly technical program, all of the symptoms are induced by a technology that is so fucking sophisticated it is horrifying beyond description.”
“… these people will actually intercept your sample. And they do this by contracting with labs… [labs who] provide lab services for employers who are doing massive amounts of drug tests and blood tests, and also the involvement of sperm banks was mentioned in some of the information I saw working for my company. These are perfect ways to acquire an individual’s DNA, build a DNA profile on them. And then this information, the DNA of the individual is used to determine the resonant frequency of the DNA itself, the resonant frequency is then used to fine tune the technology…to tune it perfectly to the resonant frequency of the targeted individual’s DNA.”
“It is out of control, and it is only getting worse.”
“I know for a fact, having been an insider and actually been a part of this program, and seen it operate on a day to day basis I am aware that there are now entire cities in America that are nothing more than a massive social engineering experiment. Because instead of using this, you know as most people think just against the individual the targeted individual, there are applications of this technology I am now aware of that utilize it against entire populations. Anywhere from small groups of people 10-20 to 100, to medium size groups of people several thousand to tens of thousands. This is done by creating a field effect, where an entire field of electromagnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human being within that geographical location within that electromagnetic field affecting that geographical location will be effected by the technology. This can be used to induce a general mood in a population or a crowd of people. It can be used to make them passive, it can be used to make them agitated. And this can be used to cause or stop, induce riots. Stop crime, start crime. Stop thoughts, start thoughts. Massive mind control on a citywide level.”
“In addition to the technology, that is commonly referred to as voice to skull, there is also another element a human element to this program that is commonly known as gangstalking. This program involves personnel of the federal government: America’s armed forces the military, the intelligence agencies of America, military intelligence, private security contractors, private corporations, local and state police, and social programs in cities all over America. The personnel in these agencies and companies are contracted and paid very well to follow, and monitor, and surveil American citizens. This is the phenomenon that is now being talked about online as gangstalking. This gangstalking aspect of this program is now becoming an open secret, as the companies that are involved with it do not fear detection."
“When I lived in Seattle, Washington there was a competing security company that was running an ad online for employment saying ‘help wanted’, the position that was available was a security specialist. The requirements for the position were a cell phone that works with good reception, they must be on call 24 hours a day and they must be ready to respond at a moments notice. The ad detailed that both static and mobile positions were available. Being a security specialist myself I recognized this ad immediately as one that was hiring gangstalkers. My company was involved in the exact same activity and I was aware of other private security companies that were hiring gangstalkers as well.”
“Targeted individuals everywhere are being terrorized by voice to skull technology and the associated gangstalking program, that is used to isolate the individual from family / friends, interfere with their ability to work, and in short destroy their lives. This leaves the individual hopeless and destitute, depressed and many of them struggle to find a reason to keep on living.”
“This is a booming industry. It’s one of the most fasting growing industries in America today, the private security industry. And it has gone almost completely unnoticed and under the radar to the average American. Even on the internet, in the realm of alternative research and conspiracy theories private security companies are very rarely mentioned. And yet they in my opinion play maybe the most prominent role. Especially in the gangstalking aspect of the social engineering program that I described but also in the implementation, the experimentation, and the fine tuning of the technology that most know as voice to skull. These private security companies have basically done nothing but hire ex-military and ex-intelligence agents and operatives from the armed forces of the United States of America and put them to work here at home.”
“In fact many of these private security companies on their website will advertise that they are a veteran friendly employer. This is code within the industry to let them know that ex-military and ex-intelligence agents are needed within the private security company for carrying out the exact type of operations that I’m detailing in this podcast.”

“The point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence.”
“… they will be organized stalked, they will have career sabotage programs run against them to ruin their job, they will have character assassination campaigns run against them in their neighborhood, they’ll be isolated from family and friends as those individuals are turned against them. And they will be isolated slowly and slowly over time using the technology itself. As many of the people freak out understandably when they at first don’t know what it is. Often times they end up going to a psychiatrist and false diagnoses of schizophrenia, manic depression, delusional, paranoid are rendered against this individual. And it turns out that that’s a loophole in the law that they are using to take away people’s constitutional rights as once you are deemed mentally unfit to care for yourself i.e. your depressed, delusional, paranoid, etc. They use that, the state or the federal government uses that as an excuse to come in and say that they have to care for you. So I would warn all targeted individuals out there, please do not go to a psychiatrist and allow them to render a diagnosis against you, because that is a dirty trick they are using to take away the rights of people all over the country.”
“In terms of numbers I know that there are right now at least 300-400 individuals in downtown Seattle that have been abducted from all over the United States brought to downtown Seattle and are being housed in DESC ‘Downtown Emergency Services Center’ homeless shelters and being experimented on 24/7.”
“… within the security business most of the people working there are ex-military and ex-intelligence operatives, and many of them in fact are still active intelligence operatives and have been simply reassigned to domestic duty to work with a private security company specifically for the purposes of carrying out this highly illegal program that’s being run against TIs all over America.”
“What I have direct knowledge of is of course the research and development program aspect of this technology. And the thing that shocked me about it is it’s not being done in a secret military base somewhere, and it’s not being done in a controlled environment where people are being kept safe and separate… The entire city of Seattle has been turned into a massive proving ground for this technology.”
“One of the things I think that is an advantage of the security industry, number 1 it’s private so if you were going to roll out an army of gangstalkers across the United States, to mess with people, to track people, to surveil people, to follow people and to make their lives a general hell to live every day then you would have to do it covertly, you would have to do it in a way that is not noticeable to the rest of society. And in fact the tactics that are used by private security companies and gangstalkers at large, are specifically designed to avoid detection not from the targeted individual, but to avoid detection from the general public. So it’s a very interesting surveillance situation, it fits right in with other surveillance situations where they want the targeted individual to know that they’re following them. And so in a normal surveillance situation you do not want the person you’re following to know that you’re following them, they actually want the TI to know they’re being followed because it has the maximum psychological impact. While at the same time they need to do it in a way that your neighbors and your friends and your co-workers and your family do not know that they are doing this to you, because the entire point of the program is to convince everybody else that the TI is crazy…”
“The psychological operation that is run against gangstalkers themselves and people that participate in the program is just as advanced if not moreso than the psychological program that is run against TIs.”
“Some of the most brilliant men and women I’ve ever known in my life as I got to know ‘em are now homeless and they have no way to get out…”
“The choice is very clear, you’re either with us or you’re against us. And all of the resources that they cut you off from when you’re a TI, like I am now as a whistleblower, the jobs that you can’t get, the co-workers that you can’t make friends with, the relationships that you can’t have with people. All of that that you cannot have, is exactly what the gangstalkers are being promised if they join. … We’re going to give you money, we’re going to give you access to the finest women, and the best drugs, and the best connections, and the best jobs, and the best life that you can possibly imagine. You made it, and this is your ticket to the top and you’re going to come to the top with us. This is exactly what these people are being told. It is exactly why this seemingly inexplicable behavior by our fellow human beings this is why it’s happening. Because they are being promised the sun, the moon and the stars. They are being promised the opportunity to be a part of history, to be a part of the ruling class, to be a part of a system …”
“The command and control structure is such that the direct supervisor is contingent upon your assignment and this is one of the ways with how they compartmentalize the programs within SIS and companies like this so that other people don’t find out about it. There is not a company wide command and control structure there is a assignment specific command and control structure. … So you have all these little cells within the company that are completely cut off from each other so that the lines of communication and information do not flow in between different aspects of the company, so they can compartmentalize and keep classification of certain information that they don’t want from getting out.”

[1]: Videos that the transcriptions are from were made private at the whistleblower's request

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio

Mark Passio Quotes - New Age Bullshit
Excerpts Transcribed from the Video:
”New Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of
The Sacred Masculine[1]” by Mark Passio

“… the new age movement is something that works hand in hand
with the control system, it is in fact simply another religion…”
“The new age suppresses the masculine, the masculine aspect is action,
and just like religion they want to tell you action isn’t required, …”
“… putting certain people in left brain imbalance
and your putting people in right brain imbalance…”
“This brain imbalance toward one brain hemisphere or another, … is the goal and the
dream of the dominators of this world, of the occultists. So I want to just tell you a brief
story, when I was involved in Satanism and I was attending Satanic rituals at different
locations, largely in Pennsylvania and Maryland; Some of the higher level Satanists, or what
you might call Luciferians I don’t know if they were that high up in the hierarchy, but people ..
like who’s house the ritual was at, or good friends of them, or people who were coming in to
be a guest and witness the activities of the grotto, were telling people that they were very
influential in the publishing community for the new age. And telling people wait until you
see the information, were talking about here the mid 1990s, telling people about all the
books and all the information that they were going to be publishing and peddling through
the so called new age movement. And they said we’re behind this, were doing this,
because it’s pushing people into the form of imbalance that we want to push them into.”
“They were telling some people in side conversations after the ritual, because somebody brought up what new agers think and believe, and openly telling people we’re responsible for a lot of that material, were putting it out there. And I believe them because they said wait until you see what will be coming out in the next few years, we are going to give people completely erroneous notions of the laws of attraction, we’re going to give people completely erroneous notions of how people create their reality, …”

Mark Passio Quotes - New Age Deceptions
Concepts from the Video: ”New Age Bullshit And The
Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine[1]” by Mark Passio

New Age Deception: Ignore the Negative

Correction: Seeing the Negative for what it is creates the ability to steel oneself against it’s harmful effects, and possibly even avert those effects entirely.
New Age Deception: We’re All One, So it’s All Good. Moral Relativism - There is No Right or Wrong.
Many New Agers tout the concepts such as Right & Wrong as “dualistic,” and therefore invalid. They try to convince people that everything is ok.

Correction: It’s Not All Good. There is a right and wrong, and the lack of identifying what right and wrong is, is what got us into the mess we are in.
New Age Deception: You Can Never Really Know. There’s no such thing as truth or knowledge, it’s all a matter of subjective opinion. Solipsism: The ideology that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. “All I Know is that I Know Nothing.”

Correction: Truth exists independently of perception. Perception is not reality, but our work is to align the two.
New Age Deception: Watered Down Version of the Laws of Attraction - Thinking holding a belief in one’s mind will automatically change the mechanics of reality in one’s favor. … To think the victim is at fault for being victimized. Mark Passio testifies Satanists are trying to obscure the true law of attraction with a watered down New Age version.

Correction: The true law of attraction involves action. We co-create our shared reality in the aggregate.

Mark Passio Quotes - Demystifying the Occult
Excerpts Transcribed from the Video:
"De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II:
Satanism & The Dark Occult[2]" by Mark Passio

“Truth is at war with mind control and deception.”
“Emotional mind control means that you are going to gauge information based upon how it makes you feel, as opposed to looking at the actual data and trying to determine whether it is actually true or not.”
“... it’s like we’re from the other team bringing the playbook of that team and explaining what they want to do. We took that to the other side, to the other team because we defected…”
"The word occult is derived from the latin adjective occultus, occultus means hidden from sight."
“So occultism is related to vision, it is related to what we are capable of seeing.
Capable of perceiving or not perceiving. C.W. Leadbeater an occultist from the 20th
century said how shall we define occultism, the word is derived from the latin occultus
meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature…”
“This is what true occultism is, it is the recognition of the laws that
ultimately govern the universe, and it is the study of those laws.”
“Occult knowledge is held by very few people unfortunately, because a Priest class,
a superclass of occultists decided to sequester that knowledge and use it for their
own selfish benefit. The masses of humanity remain ignorant to what occultism is,
and to it’s influence in their daily lives. That’s why the world is enslaved.”
“So these groups of satanists were comprised of an eclectic array of people from every walk
of life and every social institution on the face on the earth, including politics… there were
people running for political office at just about every level, state to local. … national
politicians, law: there were lawyers within satanism, judges, bankers, people in the media, …
military and police. Their ranks are, believe it or not, filled much more than you would even like
to believe or think about, how many police and military people are directly involved with satanic grottos. Entertainment, even sports, medicine, doctors, and teachers. Many teachers I saw, and especially
college level university level teachers were present at satanic rituals. And there’s a reason for
this, they’re putting their people into point positions of power. They’re working them into all
of the social institutions. That’s how they get their bidding done. That’s how they advance their
group agenda. These were people in positions of great influence and power throughout our entire society.”
Mark Passio on Anton LaVey & The Satanic Bible:
“He was charged to write that book, to give the whole ideology of satanism in
a much lower watered down level to the general public to identify people who
would be drawn to that belief system, and then again flow into their ranks.”
“I talk to people and I try to tell them, zombie movies are about us, they’re about the human population. They're not about like some viral outbreak that’s gonna happen and turn people into this. They’re about the human population being dead, being spiritually dead… They’re about the population being spiritually deadened beings, and overtaking the earth.”
Church of Satan Application:

“Politics is merely the puppet show of human beings.” ~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck
“Music of today is absolute swill, it’s designed to keep young people passive, restrained,
and it’s designed to tame them and keep them into sort of domestic sheep. I would separate
young people today into two breeds, there’s predators which are the wolves and there are
the sheep and that’s most of them. And we appeal to an elite, we are frankly an elitist
organization. We seek a few excellent people, we don’t want a lot of dross we don’t want a
lot of mediocre followers. What we want are people capable of action.” ~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck
“… we are in control, because basically we are not a political organization we are an occult
organization. We are working behind the scenes to manipulate the way that people think. The
war that we are waging is a guerrilla war on the human mind.” ~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck
[1]: ”New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine - (
[2]: De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult - (
Watch the video New Age Bullshit, By Mark Passio (Highly Recommended)

Mark's Website:

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Omnisense Website -

In the last week or so I launched a new website I am excited about. The domain is, and will be a web space I plan on dissecting the rampant psychological operations happening in the modern day. I have already worked on the website enough to make it presentable, there are articles in each PSYOPS category defined by the website already. Articles: About
Introduction to Electromagnetic Weaponry
Flat Earth Psychological Operations
Bird's Eye View of New Age Psychological Operations
'Channeled Messages' and Their Link to Mind Control Programs
Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals
US Army Psychological Operations Officer's Manual
Blue Avians / Sphere Being Alliance PSYOP
Fake Alien Invasion PSYOP
War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations Film

Omnisense Bio

I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

War vs. the Truth Film