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Community Feedback

I called NCCAOM to get a copy of our mid-year program performance report,
I was connected to your customer service rep, Samantha Geer.
She was patient with my request and walked me through the process of requesting the needed information.
I was a bit panicked as on the request form it said the deadline was June 30th 2018.
Samantha was able to ask around and I’m not sure which magic she worked, but payment was processed and we received the report!!!
I’ve worked in the college world for many years and just wanted to let you know that you all have a good one in Ms. Samantha!
She could have easily told me the standard answer and went about her day. Instead she problem solved and really helped us out.
She was kind, patient, and informative. It’s really nice to call into a busy organization like NCCAOM and have someone who takes the time to go the distance to help you.

I just wanted you know what a gem she is.
We’re very thankful for Samantha for her help!

I must say, during numerous communications with representatives of the NCCAOM, I have been increasingly impressed by the timeliness of responses and level of professionalism I have encountered. In addition to being courteous and well informed, everyone with whom I have spoken is also kind, calmly takes their time to ensure accurate information is conveyed, and seems to approach their work with a genuine sense of caring.

Thank you for your work.

It is with great honor and relief that we are slowly but surely moving this profession in the right direction. Congratulations to all of us for the VA and Labor giving us our out category. I made many phone calls and had lengthy discussions with the Board of Labor and Statistics, as well as knocked on more than a few doors for the VA to acknowledge us in mainstream medicine. I also actively educated rural communities on the benefits of acupuncture. It is not only beneficial for us as practitioners, but this cost and deeply effective medicine will help our veterans and our communities at large. Thank you!!!
I want to pass along my praises for one of your employees, Victor Lugo. I just finished with my board exams and he has been absolutely wonderful in assisting me with all of my questions regarding what to do to complete the NCCAOM Certification. His information was also valuable in applying for the Virginia License. His attitude and courtesy was second to none. He exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure dealing with him. Please let him know how much I appreciated his ‘beyond-the-call-of-duty’ concern and effort in meeting my wishes.
Victoria A.
Thank you, thank you, thank you and congratulations for securing the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Standard Occupational Code for Acupuncturists! I sincerely appreciate your dedication and persistence. We will see the health and happiness of all improve as a result. Really good work.
Cleo W.
Hi Jen,
I have made such a mess of my PDA applications this year- honestly, I have no idea what was wrong with me …
Anyway, I just wanted to say how amazing Ruosi has been!
Super patient, really helpful and efficient. She got me out of such a pickle by sending lists of everything I needed, and picking up on errors (such as listing in the program ‘safety’ when it should have been ‘ethics’).
She’s a great asset to the NCCAOM!
Katherine B.
Rousi is extremely helpful and very much on top of the PDA thing. I just wanted to give out my kudos when I come across very solid employees…she’s been super helpful along the whole PDA way for us!
Ms. Cox,
Thank you so much for your invaluable – and incredibly efficient – response.
A one day turn-around time, complete with the “problem … Solved!” document already prepared and attached … is a rare thing indeed!
Your organization is very lucky to have you; clearly a reflection of their own astute and well-honed, high-caliber hiring and retention protocols.
With respect and appreciation,
Thank you for getting back to me so soon. I have been a chiropractor for 28 years and soon be a licensed acupuncturist.
In all my years of dealing with professional organizations, the NCCAOM has been one of the best, and most organized and professional organizations
I have encountered. I always get a prompt answer when I have written, everything is well organized and well run.
Thank you for giving outstanding service.
Amie SH
Thank you for your help with our course applications.
Your help was much appreciated. The applications can get complicated as ours was. You helped steer us through the process and reach a successful outcome. As a result we have a very favorable opinion of the NCCAOM and it’s dedication to the profession.
It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to work with you again.
Charles B.

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