Gandhi King Centre

King and Gandhi

Martin Luther king Jr was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent liberation movement against Impereialism in India in early 20th century. That inspiration led him to  launch the  civil right movement in USA to end racial discrimination against African Americans . Like Abraham Lincoln, King changed the history of USA in the direction of freedom  justice and  peace. Martin Luther King is hailed as one of the most significant icons of peace and justice. At his young age of 35 Nobel prize for peace was awarded  to him.

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King in Gandhigram

Martin Luther King came to India in 1959 on the invitation of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru . Dr.G.Ramachandran co founder of Gandhigram (Tamilnadu) was primarily responsible for arranging the entire tour of king in India. King came to Gandhigram on 20th January 1959 and stayed for a day.king extensively  interacted with the Gandhian workers and peace activists in Gandhigram Dr.King recorded that Dr.G.Ramachandran and Gandhigram made Immense impact on his ideas on Gandhi and his non violent struggle.

King’s visit is a landmark in the history of Gandhigram. Please read the article on the same. Please find the brochure.


Gandhi King Center

Against this historical background Gandhigram trust is launching Gandhi King center to translate the ideas of the two great leaders in to action. The GK center will organize training programs for youth, for students and for women in non violent social action for peace and justice.the center will have an exhibition and a library  on the life and message of Gandhi and King.the exhibition will also have pictures on non violent and peaceful struggles in various parts of the World. It will organize awareness programs,  book reviews , lectures, seminars and workshops. It will also undertake research projects on the issues related to peace and justice .

International collaboration

The Gandhi King Center will  network with like-minded organisations, and peace   activists in  India and other parts of the world to  promote the cause of peace and  justice  .

We have received a good deal of moral support from Shri Subhash Razdan of the Gandhi Centre at Atlanta (Georgia – USA) in our effort. Equally, the us embassy in India has helped to organize an exhibition on Martin Luther king.

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Inauguration on Friday 11th July 2014.

The center will be formally inaugurated on 11th July Friday 2014 at 3.00 pm in Gandhigram trust. Dindigul dist. Tamil Nadu, India. Simultaneously and the king  exhibition will be declared open for the public.  A three hour seminar on peace justice and international cooperation also will be organised to mark this important occasion.

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