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FAQ & responses to uninformed criticism

Responses will be glib, although I will try not to resort to SerBian trolling, it could be hard in some cases.


Why did my WN8 go up/down compared to WN7?

Provided you aren’t confused by the scaling, it is likely you had a solid proportion of games played in tanks poorly measured in previous rating systems, LTs and SPGs come to mind, but aren’t the only options. The further you were from the WN7 average, the more dramatic your change will appear, although your relative ranking isn’t majorly effected.

So playing SPGs and LTs will make my WN8 go up?

Only if you are good at them.

Where can I see the expected value tables?

Expected Tank Values - We already linked this, you’re bad at reading/skimming.

Are there penalties for playing ‘good’ tanks?

Only if you play poorly.

What will happen when WG nerfs X and buffs Y?

See the section on History on the WN8 page. That said, we plan to revise the tables as needed.

Are there penalties for clubbing seals?

No, there are no penalties in WN8, except of course for playing poorly.

Why are seal clubbers still ranked high?

Because they are very good at what they do. I have 4 kpg in my Ltraktor, get on my level.

Will WN8 be in XVM?

TBD, we’re going to propose it, but we shall see if the RU dev team that produces XVM finds the extra precision worth the extra computational burden.

Why not cap points, capping wins games?

Not statistically it doesn’t. Sorry, but WG’s book-keeping is shabby.

I didn’t know playing strong tanks would make my rating go down, you guys suck.

Is this a question? You probably should have played them better?

WN* is for clans and stat whores.

I’d caution any clan against using just WN*, which is a public battle rating (since almost all battles in WoT take place in pubs), as their sole recruitment tool. But then any clan that is any good already knows that… And we prefer the terms “statistician”, “bioinformatics professional”, and “stat courtesan” to “whore”.

These ratings are just made up/fabricated/arbitrary.

So are your SAT score, IQ, NAPLEX and bond ratings. Feel free to ignore them all.

You make these ratings to make yourselves look good.

No, we made them up to make Straik/Luciqueii/Zakaladas/EmbryonicJourney look good.

Where can I discuss WN8?

The WN8 thread is a good option, but so is WoTLabs.

How can I contribute to WN*?

Upload your dossier (regularly) to vBAddict.net If you have measurement, statistical, or web/data expertise come visit us on WoTLabs forums.

Why do we need ANOTHER rating system?

We don’t need to play video games, but many folks do. We rate4fun. And because WN7 had room for improvement. And because bjshnog pestered the heck out of us to improve it. Also, it´s not really ANOTHER rating, think of it as an improvement upon WN7.

Different sites have different WN8, why?

WN8 can differ where it's used. There are several reasons for it:

  • First of all, it's not a good idea to compare API and dossier/battle results driven sites. The different time sets makes it very difficult to get the same amount of battles on both.
  • Second, some sites are using different roundings in the formula, even with the same source data, this makes it in the end a bit different
  • Third, some sites like vBAddict.net are using the fixed expected winRate for a single battle, therefore the progress based on battles has always the expected winRate. WOTStatistics is using 0% winRate for a lost game and 100% for a won one. API driven sites are not counting single battles, therefore they are always using the average of all games in a given timeframe.
  • Fourth, different version of the expected tank values. The latest Version can be obtained here: http://www.wnefficiency.net/wnexpected/

What about WN9?

The development of WN9 has yet to be determined or form. This is an ad hoc project and a multinational collaboration, undertaken as a volunteer project. It happens as we’ve got time and energy.

Is WN8 calculated on a per-tank basis?

No, WN8 is calculated based on the only data available through the API, which is games played in each tank, and aggregate stats for damage, kills, spots and defense. However, from a 20000 player vBAddict database, the average error introduced to WN8 by using aggregate data instead of averaging per-tank WN8 (weighted by battles on each tank) is 2.15% of the total WN8 score, while 95% of players have an error under 6.3% of their total WN8 and 99% of players have errors under 9.2% of their total WN8.