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    • Programmatic real-time media buying
    • Across channels: Display, mobile, video & social
    • DMP supported optimisation and control

Programmatic Buying

We understand programmatic buying as the trading of digital advertising surfaces in real time. Programmatic buying is already implemented successfully for the VivaKi group of agencies over four channels: AOD Display, AOD Mobile, AOD Video and AOD Social.

The discipline of real time bidding (RTB) has become indispensable for performance-oriented campaigns. The underlying auction process guarantees fair prices in a transparent inventory pool. Intelligent targeting finds the right user at the right time and for the right price.

In addition, real time advertising (RTA) is playing an increasingly important role. The automated buying of premium digital  advertising space, high quality and large area formats and target groups opens the market for brand-oriented campaigns and customers. Real-time advertising is primarily carried out on our private marketplaces and bundled in the "AOD Premium" product.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Our own VivaKi data management platform draws on a broad range of data sources. Targeting service providers, online publishers, e-commerce providers, dialogue marketers, data providers and research service providers are already supplying anonymised data to our DMP. Every customer can also supply their own CRM data, which is used exclusively for their own purposes. Customer-specific modelling is performed on this basis and the campaign is managed so that it is optimised for the customer's target group.