About us, Who we are, What we are about.

We are a locally based company out of San Francisco Ca.  We provide eco-friendly hauling  in the bay area and have been since 2006 (we have the way back time machine screen shots to prove it.)

Veteran owned, green junk removal service

A locally owned Veteran owned trash removal and dumpster rental service.  San Francisco Ca  based company out of the San Francisco Bay.  Hassle free, reasonably priced eco-friendly junk removal service since 2006 (we have the way back time machine screen shots to prove it.)

Fast, efficient, we cut out the red tape and risk, book a same day quote today.  Our quote is no obligation based on the amount of junk you have.
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Eco-Friendly since our inception, check out this screenshot from 2006.

JunkGeneral junk removal services

July 19, 2006 As you can see we never green washed, our mission has always been same.























Green, before it was cool

We predicted we would change the local bay area junk removal service industry and we did exactly that.

When we started we were the only junk removal service in the San Francisco area running 100% biodiesel.

Our customers have frequently asked us “what makes you green?”

  • Route planning- we plan our routes in order to maximize fuel and reduce our carbon foot print.
  • Biodiesel blends- When possible we fill up with biodiesel blends.
  • Recycle and Donate first- Our company policy mandates we attempt to donate or recycle first.
  • We do not landfill construction debris this means we don’t drive from your house to the “dump”.  The construction load will be sorted for recyclable material.

We were running biodiesel in 2006!

We were the first trash removal service running B100 in 2006.  That’s right our trucks were running 100% biodiesel.  We smelled like a Chinese food restaurant when we back into peoples driveways.  It was pure comedy.

Born from a disaster

In 2005 the founder of JunkGeneral was deployed to New Orleans to serve with the U.S Army in disaster recovery and humanitarian operations.

He noticed the refrigerators and other trash on the street were hauled and  stored under freeway ramps and then immediately landfilled.  The idea was brought back to the bay and here we are.