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Beyond demographics: How search engine data can enhance the understanding of determinants of suicide in India and inform prevention

October 18th, 2018

Paper by Daniela Paolotti;  Elad Yom-Tov; Natalia Adler; Ciro Cattuto; Kyriaki Kalimeri; Michele Tizzoni; Stefaan Verhulst;  and Andrew Young in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: “India is home to 20% of the world’s suicide deaths. In India, and around the world, young people are especially at risk of suicide. While statistics regarding suicide in India are […]

Smarter Crowdsourcing: A Global Online Conference on Learning and Teaching Public Innovation and Entrepreneurship

October 16th, 2018

By Vishala Pariag and Kajol Char. This article originally appeared on Politics for Tomorrow. On July 12th 2018, the GovLab and Politics for Tomorrow convened a global online conference, which marked the first in a series of now-quarterly online meetings. The purpose of these conferences is to examine the current state of public innovation training. Hosted by Professor Beth […]

Elections won’t save our democracy. But ‘crowdlaw’ could.

October 4th, 2018

Beth Simone Noveck at the Washington Post: “In October 2017, as Hurricane Irma battered the U.S. East Coast, M.I.T.’s Urban Risk Lab worked with Florida’s Broward County to pilot a free, open-source platform that enabled flood-affected residents to use popular social media channels to add information to a publicly-available map. Known as RiskMap, the data allowed […]

The GovLab at NYU Tandon Announces Formation of Global Advisory Council

October 1st, 2018

Organization Completes Fifth Year of Service and Looks to Expand Reach, Impact This press release was originally posted by the NYU Tandon School of Engineering on September 26, 2018. BROOKLYN, New York, September 26, 2018 – The Governance Lab (The GovLab) at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering announced the formation of a Global Advisory […]

Open Data Demand: Toward an Open Data Demand Assessment and Segmentation Methodology

September 27th, 2018

Report by Stefaan Verhulst and Andrew Young: “Across the world, significant time and resources are being invested in making government data accessible to all with the broad goal of improving people’s lives.Evidence of open data’s impact—on improving governance, empowering citizens, creating economic opportunity, and solving public problems—is emerging and is largely encouraging. Yet much of the […]

A Week of Open Data in Buenos Aires

September 26th, 2018

Exciting events are happening in the world of open data. This week, the GovLab is in Buenos Aires for several surrounding the International Open Data Conference (IODC). These events will serve as a showcase for all the advances and innovations that the field has made. Third Open Data Research Symposium Activities kicked off on September 25th with the 3rd […]

The GovLab Index: Open Data – 2018 Edition

September 26th, 2018

By Alexandra Shaw, Michelle Winowatan, Andrew Young, and Stefaan Verhulst Please find below the latest installment in The GovLab Index series, inspired by Harper’s Index. “The GovLab Index: Open Data 2018” provides an update to our previous Open Data installments: The GovLab Index: Open Data, (Updated and Expanded of 2013, The GovLab Index: Open Data […]

Government By The People, With the People: A conversation between Audrey Tang and Beth Noveck

September 23rd, 2018

The Future of Democracy Working Group at the Institute for Public Knowledge and the GovLab at NYU kicked off its new lecture series on Thursday, September 20th with a conversation between Audrey Tang (Digital Minister, Taiwan) and Beth Simone Noveck (Director, The GovLab). The discussion explored how civic technology is enabling new and improved forms of citizen participation, deliberation, and […]

The Future of Democracy Lecture Series

September 20th, 2018

Public trust in the government remains near historic lows. Only 18% of Americans say they trust the government in Washington to do what is right.  The lack of trust extends to democracy as well as government: another study finds that one-quarter of millennials say that “choosing leaders through free elections is unimportant.” With the rise […]

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