Fuck Was I

Fuck Was I, Bloomington, 2017

Fuck Was I A project by Stefano W. Pasquini Curated by Raphael Cornford  & William Bass Fuck was I is the title of a song by Jenny Owen Youngs, a singer/songwriter that I first encountered on an advert on MySpace. MySpace was the Facebook before Facebook, in case you didn’t know. All I can remember was this picture of a nice young girl, smartly dressed, crossing […]

UE1701, 2017

Bologna, 2017


Ancona, 2012

“Non ho capito”, curated by Chiara Ronchini, 400MetriQuadri, Ancona, Italy, 2012.        


Rijeka, 2011

“Volume Collection”, a cura di Nemanija Cvianovic, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contamporanea, Rijeka, Croazia, e Multimedia Cultural Center, Split, Croazia, 2011.

Miss En,
1999, installation with 100 drawings and a sculpture

New York, 1999

Art is so simple even a child can do it
1999, pencil drawing on metal door, 231 Franklyn Street

Greenpoint, 1999