My Gem or Lab Hell - MLB Home Gallery, Ferrara

My Gem Or Lab Hell, Ferrara, 2018

My Gem Or Lab Hell è il titolo della doppia personale di Stefano W. Pasquini e Mustafa Sabbagh, a cura di Massimo Marchetti, che si inaugurerà sabato 20 gennaio 2018 alle 18 presso la MLB Maria Livia Brunelli home gallery di Ferrara e rimarrà aperta fino al 25 febbraio. Solitamente tra una “gemma” e un […]

Fuck Was I

Fuck Was I, Bloomington, 2017

Fuck Was I A project by Stefano W. Pasquini Curated by Raphael Cornford  & William Bass Fuck was I is the title of a song by Jenny Owen Youngs, a singer/songwriter that I first encountered on an advert on MySpace. MySpace was the Facebook before Facebook, in case you didn’t know. All I can remember was this picture of a nice young girl, smartly dressed, crossing […]

Do you cry often?

Do you cry often? Athens 2017

Do you cry often? Kostas Bassanos – Stefano W. Pasquini Do you cry often? Is written on a badly sewn flag Stefano W. Pasquini made in 1995, when he was living in London as a struggling artist in the midst of the YBA uprising. Little did he know he was witnessing a sort of art […]

UE1701, 2017

Bologna, 2017

UC1501, 2015, mixed media collage, cm 13,5 x 13,5

Bologna, 2015


Ancona, 2012

“Non ho capito”, curated by Chiara Ronchini, 400MetriQuadri, Ancona, Italy, 2012.        

Mixed media on paper, 11x16 inches.

A Bit of Mystery, 2009