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Edge Magazine issue 41 - Net Yaroze special, January 1997

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Net Yaroze article from UK Offical Playstation Magazine issue 17, March 1997

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mgarcia's ps1 demo made in 2000

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By Daniel Chamberlain ( and recovered from
It disapears randomly due to the domain squatter's robot.txt, so its archived here.

#1 Scott Cartier
#2 James Shaughnessy
#3 Chris Chadwick
#4 Ben James
#5 David Johnston
#6 Robert Swan
#7 Nick Slaven

Net Yaroze members at GDUK 1998 Dare to be digital competition
Review of winners at GDUK 1998 Dare to be digital competition
Click here for some back story
courtesy of Nick Ferguson's Diary

Black & White demo from Peter Molyneux, ECTS September 1999

Video by by Nick Ferguson

At ECTS 1999, a group of Net Yaroze members attending the conference
bumped into Peter Molyneux in a bar up the road from Olympia.
After interrupting him and introducing ourselves (which led to a friendly chat),
he invited us to turn up at his hotel the next morning for a private.

From the member's newsgroup:
From the newsgroup Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 21:34:09 +0100
But the best day was Monday when I got to go to a special Preview of
Lionhead's soon-to-be released Black & White, Headed by Peter Molyneux.
I (and some other guys I was with) was invited by Peter when we met him in a pub
off earl's court road on Sunday after the show.
What I piece of luck!!, he just happened to walk in the pub to go to the toilet!!,
so came and sat with us, brought us all a drink and had a chat.
This game is AWESOME!!
when its released early next year nothing will be close to it trust me!.

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Aprende a programar Playstation con Net Yaroze por J. C. Mayerick

GameReport #15 Mar 14, 2017
En este numero, hablamos de potencia tecnologica, de una bestia gris que se comio un mercado con dos rivales apoltronados.
Se llama Sony PlayStation.

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