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Wellapets, educational asthma video game, available today

In clinic this week, when I asked a 13 year old boy what helps his asthma most, his mother interrupted with the response of “swimming, Tai Chi.” 

He looked at his mother and said, “She’s asking me!”  Then he said,

“Video games help my asthma the most.”

While I would never encourage kids to play just any video game for asthma, this 13 year old will be happy to know that there is now a video game that could help kids develop better understanding of their asthma.  

Kids have the opportunity to take care of a pet who has asthma, helping the pet (who the child names) avoid triggers and remember to take her inhaler. Friends and siblings can also learn about asthma. This video game, Wellapets, is available in most app stores today.

Wellapets focuses on educational objectives for successful asthma management. These objectives include:

  • Proper inhaler technique
  • Using inhalers on time
  • Avoiding asthma triggers
  • Acting on asthma symptoms

If you decide to buy this game, I’d love to hear your input on the game.  My kids just downloaded the game for $2.99 and are playing the game as I am posting this.  They seem to like the new background music as I hear my son humming it.

A few screenshots…. (So glad there’s a spacer with the inhaler!)image

This guy can blow fire!