In 2011, gubernatorial elections will be held in four states.  Below is a list of the states conducting gubernatorial elections including the name and party of the incumbent governor and the primary election date in each state.

To access each state's election website, please click on the state name.

State/Territory Incumbent Governor General Election Date Winner
Kentucky Beshear (D) November 8, 2011 Beshear
Louisiana     Jindal*
Mississippi Barbour (R) November 8, 2011** Bryant
West Virginia Tomblin (D) October 4, 2011*** Tomblin

Primary Election Results
The election results for each state/territorial primary will be added after official primary results are available.

State/Territory Democrat Republican
Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear David Williams
Louisiana   Governor Bobby Jindal*
Mississippi Johnny DuPree Phil Bryant
West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin Bill Maloney

*There are no party primaries in Louisiana. On October 22, all candidates from all parties appeared on the primary ballot. Because Gov. Jindal received a majority (50% of the vote plus 1), there is no run-off election.

**Governor Barbour is term-limited.

***The 2011 West Virginia gubernatorial election was a special election, held on October 4, 2011, to fill the office of the West Virginia Governor. The office was vacated upon the resignation of Gov. Joe Manchin who was elected to fill the seat of the late Robert Byrd in the United States Senate in 2010. State Senate President Earl Ray Tomblin, first in the line of succession, assumed the governor's position. On January 18, 2011, the West Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that a special election for the office of governor must be held so a new governor can be in place by November 15, 2011, exactly one year after Gov. Tomblin took the oath of office. The primary election was held on May 14.

Party Breakdown for States (2012)
Republican: 29
Democrat: 20
Independent: 1

Party Breakdown for Territories and Commonwealths (2012)
Republican: 3
Democrat: 2