AIRCOMBAT II scenario collection vol.2

FSX carrier version launced from the Asian Economy Network's Sub-carrier (4KB)

This collection includes new aircrafts and missions for AirCombat II.


The package contains a 25 page manual and a floppy disk.

mission selection

aircraft and weapon selection

Playable aircraft are F-14, F-15E, YF-22, MiG-25, Su-27K, Su-37, J7W, F-86, MiG-15, F-4, MiG-21, MIRAGE III, SUPER ETENDARD, A-10, FSX.
In this sim, the Su-37 is not improved version of Su-27. it was a planed single engine fighter that has canard delta wing in that time. This planed Su-37 is also playable in Jane's ATF.
The FSX in the previous collection has canard wings as planed one. But The FSX in this collection has no canard as real one. By the way, the FSX in Jane's ATF still has canard wings.

Su-37 (3K)
J7W (2K)
FSX (3K)
FSX from scenario collection vol.2
FSX with canard (2K)
FSX from scenario collection

The player can select any mission from 8 different type, and each type has 3 defferent level.
Some fictional and historical missions are included.

Launced J7W

Mirage III bombing the Royal Navy's carrier

Flight Model

Level Flgiht Envelope
the shape of level flight envelope is far different from real aircraft.

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