This year, we are taking the already well-known concept of live coding into new and exciting territories with the addition of live graphics and live music (!) compos.

Speedpaint World Cup

In Speedpaint World Cup compo we pin artists against each other in intense 10-minute matches where they produce an image based on a given theme. The winner moves on to the next round, leading up to a final between the two artists that have emerged conquering through the cup.

The process is shown to the audience live on the big screen, with the contestants on display on stage right below it.


  • You bring your own computer and peripherals (mice, pen tablets or whatever you prefer) as needed.
  • Your computer must have a working HDMI output! If you prefer drawing on older hardware that’s fine, just bring whatever hardware you need to convert the output to either 720p or 1080p HDMI :-)
  • You use whatever software you feel like as long as it can produce an image

Match rules

  • At the start of the match the theme for the match is decided by drawing a theme from a fez, and the clock starts ticking.
  • Both contestants have 10 minutes to produce a drawing based on the theme given, starting with blank canvas.
  • Using existing materials such as images, pre-produced backgrounds and so on is not allowed. Custom brushes is fine, but remember that the audience can see everything you. Expect them to punish you when voting if they feel you are breaking any moral rules!
  • At the 10 minute mark the contestants stop drawing, and the audience decides a winner by voting.

Cup execution

The first round match setup will be decided by drawing names from a hat. There will be no seeding, anything can happen.

The consecutive rounds will be set up using a standard bracket tree, where the winner goes on to the next round.

At the end we will have a final where the first ever Speedpaint World Champion will be crowned.

Live Music Competition

In the Live Music Compo, it’s time to take a break from the virtual synths and get your hands on some real hardware. We will provide some nice toys to play with, and with very little time for preparation you will perform a piece of music live on stage at the greatest demoparty in the world! Make some noise!

Limited slots available!

To make sure we have enough time to prepare (see the Preparation Phase section) there is a maximum amount of 7 available slots for this compo.


The Solskogen live performance setup includes the following items:

  • Korg Minilogue polyphonic analogue synthesizer
  • Boss DR-202 drum machine
  • Shure SM-58 microphone
  • Electric guitar with a multi-fx pedal
  • Mackie Mix12FX mixer
  • A computer with Reaper installed, which can be used to control the hardware via MIDI connections. It will however not be connected to the mixer, and thus can’t make any sound.

In addition to the hardware we will provide an engineer who helps with the hardware and makes sure it’s set up as you want it when it’s time to perform!

Preparation phase

On Friday night you will be given 30 minutes with the equipment to prepare your performance, in an enclosed room free from any disturbances. You can change settings on the instruments as you like, and make sequences in your own Reaper project.

Our engineer will be there to assist you, and will make sure that all equipment settings are restored and the correct Reaper project loaded up before you take the stage.

Please note that the preparation phase will be between 1800 and 2200, which means you will have to be there in that timespan. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are arriving later than 1800.

Compo execution

The compo will be held just like a regular music compo, with audience voting as usual (live voting enabled during the compo, and a minute or two of open voting right after the compo.

The play order will be determined by drawing artist names from a fez.

Your performance can last for a maximum of 3 minutes. If you go over the limit we will simply turn off the sound.

As soon as voting closes, the final order will be announced and the winner celebrated on the stage.

Live Shader Coding Compo

You should know the drill by now, since it’s the third time we do the live shading thing at Solskogen. It will be an exciting, amazing and fun finale for our night of live compos.


  • Bring your own computer or borrow one. Install Bonzomatic before the match starts, or be prepared to spend your valuable match time installing software on a shitty internet connection.
  • Your computer must have a working HDMI output.
  • If your computer does not have a sound input we will provide a Behringer UCA202 USB audio interface you can use for sound input. The UCA202 doesn’t require drivers to work in Windows or OSX. If you are one of the weird people that insist on using Linux for everything you probably want to check if you need to do something to make the UCA202 work on your computer.

Match rules

  • You have 25 minutes from the clock starts to complete your amazing shader and wow the audience.
  • We will provide some textures for you to use in Bonzomatic. You can use them if you want.
  • When time runs out, the audience decides a winner that goes to the next round.

Cup execution

The first round match setup will be decided by drawing names from a hat. There will be no seeding, anything can happen.

The consecutive rounds will be set up using a standard bracket tree, where the winner goes on to the next round and ultimately the final.

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