Stratos Warbird Flight Experience

Stratos Aviation is very proud to introduce its latest program to promote STEM education in aerospace and aviation to the next generation of aviation professionals, the Warbird Flight Experiences.

At Stratos Avition, you can fly real warbirds from the Cold War era! We currently offer two different classic airplanes to choose from: the L-39 and Yak-52. We fly year round, but all flights are depended of the weather! All flights are done in Quebec from either the Lachute Airport or Mirabel Airport. A requirement for all flights, you must be a member of Stratos Aviation to fly in one of our aircraft. Memberships can be purchased in the Contact section of the website or in the store when purchasing a flight. Once you have joined as a member you can choose your the aircraft that suites you the most. 

Each flight starts with a briefing; an introduction to the aircraft, the aircraft systems and safety equipment and procedures. Your experience will last 2 to 3 hours, with 20 minutes of airborne time. The flight begins with the rumble of the engine staring, a quick taxi, and then lift off!

During your flight you will perform low level passes, overhead breaks and feel the onset of the G’s as you are pressed into your seat! Your pilot may even give you the opportunity to take the controls and perform some gentle maneuvers too! If you want to enjoy the flight and not perform and aerobatics manoeuvres, no problem, just let us know.

All proceeds generated from the Stratos Warbird Flight Experience program are used to fund STEM outreach educational programs. Thank you for supporting Stratos Aviation and enjoy your warbird flight experience with us.




$195.00 / 20 Minutes Flight

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Albatros L-39



$2250.00 / 20 Minutes Flight

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