Most of the successful startup owners and business heads delegate a variety of tasks to virtual assistants. As virtual assistants work at remote locations, they use some tools to connect with their clients.

The productivity of your virtual assistant largely depends on how well you cooperate with him/her. So if you use the right tools, you can double the productivity of your virtual assistant.


Here is the list of top 21 tools that you and your virtual assistant should use.


1. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is an awesome project management tool. With this web-based, time tracking tool, you can store due dates, all the files, and discussions with appropriate projects. The best thing about this project management tool is that you can use it for everything from ongoing, open-ended projects to one-time, fixed-date projects. Virtual assistant, remote workers, clients get familiar with it quickly.

Hubstaff comes with a 14 Day free trial.



2. Postplanner



If you hire a virtual social media assistant, Post Planner is an indispensable tool to post social media status. This easy-to-use social media tool is built for engagement. It helps users find, plan, and post content that will increase social media management on Twitter and Facebook.



3. Streak




If you have hired a virtual assistant for customer relationship management, Streak can be a boon for your virtual assistant. This powerful application has CRM flavors and email power tools.



4. Canva



Whether it is social media or a blogging platform, content with eye-catching images gets more traction. With Canva, your virtual assistant can create professional graphics easily. No experience is required to use Canva.



5. MailChimp



Nothing can beat MailChimp when it comes to email marketing. It is the most popular email marketing solution. With this application, your virtual assistant can run fantastic email campaigns that will yield awesome results.



6. SnagIt



This application allows users to share screenshots and brief screencast with your virtual assistant team. With SnagIt, you can easily share what you have found with your virtual team. It cuts out the need to describe it via email.
As SnagIt comes with numerous annotation tools, you can easily highlight and focus attention on specific items. What’s more, SnagIt enables you to upload a screencast with a click.

You can get a free trial of this application.



7. SweetProcess



If you want to provide your virtual assistant with step-by-step instructions, SweetProcess is all you need to streamline the process. With SweetProcess, you can also embed screencasts and screenshots.
SweetProcess can save you lots of time, which you will otherwise spend on telling your virtual assistant about repetitive tasks.
You can try it free.



8. Rhino Support



Rhino Support will really make a big difference if you want to improve custom support. With Rhino Support, your customers can request help through email or support tickets and Instant Live Chat.

Rhino Support offers a 15 Day trial period.



9. GroupMe



If you are managing a virtual assistant team, GroupMe is a perfect tool for you. This web-based application is designed specifically for group chat. So use GroupMe when you are going to have teleseminars.

The best thing about GroupMe is that your virtual assistant does not have to download this application to use it. You just add them from your phonebook and they will start chatting with the group through SMSs.
10. UberConference



There is no doubt that holding a conference meeting with a virtual assistant team is not easier. Uberconference makes it easier. It has many advanced features, such as integrated social profiles, local dial-in numbers, document sharing, Mobile apps, toll-free conference calls, phone calls + google hangouts, and more.



11. Dropbox



Dropbox enables you to access all your files from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone. The best thing about Dropbox is that it allows you and your virtual assistant edit the same file without sending it back and forth. And when your virtual assistant edits a file in a shared folder, you and other team members get the update automatically.



12. Google Calendar




Google calendar is a great tool to organize tasks among the members of your virtual team. The best thing about this web-based application is that you can break down your calendar into various sub-calendars. And it’s absolutely free to use.



13. Skype




Nothing beats this useful tool when it comes to hassle-free communication with your virtual assistants. With Skype, it’s like talking face-to-face. Virtual assistants work at remote locations. Skype enables entrepreneurs to make video calls, thereby helping them read the body language of their virtual assistants. This ensures a better communication and less misunderstanding.



14. Boomerang



If you have hired a virtual assistant for email marketing, Boomerang is an awesome application. It will offer your virtual assistant a complete control of when he or she will send messages. Boomerang offers the best follow-up reminders.



15. Doodle



Doodle is a great tool for a virtual administrative assistant to simplify the process of scheduling appointments. Doodle offers a free account as well. However, if you want to leverage the full power of this application. You should go for a paid account.




16. PowToon





This great tool will certainly increase the productivity of your virtual administrative assistant. He/ she can create free animated marketing tools and video presentations for you.



17. Mad Mimi





With this powerful application, your virtual assistant can create, send, share, and track email newsletters online. If you want to make your email marketing strategies effortless, Mad Mini is for you.
18. Buffer



Buffer is an indispensable app for driving traffic and increase fan engagement on various social media platforms. Your virtual social media assistant can truly leverage the power of social media with this application.


19. Time doctor



Time Doctor can really double the productivity. This powerful application tracks time with screenshot monitoring. The best thing about Time Doctor is that it allows you to login to view work done by your VA. You can have a free demo of this powerful application as well.



20. Pagemodo





If your social media marketing revolves around Facebook, Pagemodo is all you need to have to manage Facebook page and increase Facebook engagement. Facebook ads from Pagemodo gives more returns.



21. Join Me


This useful application can allow you to collaborate instantly with free screen sharing, unlimited audio, and ridiculously simple video conferencing. The best thing about this application is that you don’t need  a registration.

Virtual assistant software and tools are improving constantly. With each passing year, new software and tools are coming in the market, making easier for both virtual assistants and clients to work in a more productive way. You should keep exploring the available tools and applications to find the best tool that meets your needs.


What about you?

Can you add more tools to the list? Do share what tools you use to manage your virtual assistants. I’d love to hear about it.