Google Plus Archiver: gplus-archiver

This is a PHP-based tool which queries the G+ API and can archive entire communities as JSON files, created by +Spencer Salyer. There is a 10,000 query/day limit imposed by Google on Google+ activity and you can cut through that quickly.

I've not tested this, looking for folks who can/will.

There's a set of archived communities as an example at:

His notes follow:

It is PHP code to query the G+ API with the community ID and loop through all the posts and comments, storing them as json files (one per post). It can eat through their 10k query/day limit quickly depending on the community, so I disabled the form on the live site. I'd be happy to take requests for archival, though.

It should be every post and associated comments in each community, with info for photos and attachments, etc. I'm not actually downloading attachments, so much of that is still hosted at Google. It's still a bit of a work in progress, but I thought it better to download what I could as soon as I could.

The code is here, if it's helpful:
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