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After 12 years full time, Mr. Richlin has declared victory, cannabis is freely available to patients and adults alike!

img_20161113_154317Check with your City and State online licensing portals for detail on how to comply with the new laws.

But What about Federal law? Legitimate medical  providers of this State are actually civil-disobedience heroes like Ghandi and Martin Luther King for caring for their patient members notwithstanding the heavy federal penalties.  But all is not lost for medical patients at the federal level under Trump.  For one thing President Trump endorsed medical cannabis during the campaign. Further Attorney General Sessions has essentially announced the policy of the Federal government will be to distinguish between medical and recreational which he disfavors, The 9th circuit Federal court has held that the feds may not target state legal medical cannabis activity, and congress has defunded the DOJ on the topic for 4 successive budgets. Nonetheless, Federal Law still holds cultivation and sales to be felonies, and the federal government is committed to enforcing the controlled substances act.

Can your office help us get licenses / establish a business? For the rest of 2018, Mr. Richlin is on sabbatical.


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Mr. Richlin is on sabbatical for the rest of 2018.  Our mailing address is:

Stewart Richlin

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We see clients by appointment only.f

Disclaimer: our office can not take active steps on your behalf just render legal counsel; additionally, we will not participate in any part of the medical marijuana law that facilitates commercial marijuana growing or selling operations, and we will not facilitate nor assist in any way in any activity, that facilitates, normalizes, standardizes, expedites, or assists in the establishment of facilities set up for the commercial growing and selling of marijuana until not just State but also Federal law so allows.  Remember, only legitimate activity by patients with legitimate needs will successfully be able to raise the defense of medical marijuana under State and Local law, gangsters, opportunists, money launderers will not and are not welcome as our clients.

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