From my teepee Zoe,

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Come partake in all the joys of existence that you too deserve on mother earth
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Dear Zoe,

Every morning I drink a cup of strong black coffee which rasps my throat.

I always add a drop of old whisky to make it easier to swallow.

I have also seen the White Swan of the Wakan spirit and that is a sign Zoe that cannot be mistaken.

I can feel that you are afraid and a little anxious.

You may feel a little reserve about all these changes that I am telling you about and I quite understand.

Your resources are not looking too good at the moment and that’s why I have sent you this magnificent vision that I received concerning you:

I only hope that malicious tongues won’t prevent you from receiving the help that I have prepared for you.

This life is not for you and you must regain confidence in the good and great things that life can bring you after all the disappointments and problems that you have experienced.

The Great White Swan of the Wakan spirit really exists.

It is a sacred animal which belongs to the chief of the tribe who has given it unimaginable power. The Great White Swan of the Wakan spirit is a healer, an prophet, a protector and a miracle-worker.

I have drawn up a parchment for you in which you just have to choose several symbols.

Your life will soon be filled with prosperity. All you have to do is accept my help by filling out your participation form.

Your shaman friend who is watching over you,

Heart of Gold
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