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"Care Provided at
the Most Comfortable

Place of Your
Choice with Respect,

Dignity and Culturally
Competent Care."


Talk to our assistive team of caregivers and personalize your care.


Find out if your insurance is honored by our center.


Let others experience care with respect and dignity.

Service Areas Covered

Maryland: Montgomery County
Virginia: Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince Williams County, Fairfax City and Alexandria City

Welcome to DD Loving Home Health Care LLC

Obtain quality life with home health care, provided at the most comfortable place of your choice with respect and dignity. Need not to sacrifice your privacy and serenity by going to health facilities, you can now receive a complete and proper care at the comforts of your home. Don’t forfeit an essential factor in your fast recovery, comfortable private care at your home plus sufficient and substantial health combined to give our patients with services they are worthy to receive.

  • Exclusive quality care at you own home
  • Comprehensive home health care provided by compassionate and understanding healthcare professionals
  • Privacy and security at your most comfortable place

Our Mission

Because we care and honor the contributions of our dads and moms to society, we believe that they deserve the level of care that they want. This is not only the right of our own parents, but all folks of our parent’s generations. We learned nursing, we earned our degrees, and we enjoy our society, all because of the hard work done by our parent’s generation. We wanted to offer our professional skills and knowledge to help them enjoy their retirement. Our way of returning to them, and to say thank you. Because we come from minority populations, we are striving to provide specific cares appropriate to the minority groups in addition to the standard services. We plan to employ bilingual and minority employees in order to meet this goal, as well as providing training to those who need a job.