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Very interesting code related links. I'll add links over the time. It will be my tweets bookmark.

This thesis is a detailed description of water simulation with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics.

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This is how a Fourier series works

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Jendersie, et al., Real-Time Global Illum. Using Precomp. Illuminance Composition with Chrominance Compression.

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6.851: Advanced Data Structures

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How to implement Weighted, Blended Order-Independent Transparency for alpha, glass, fog, etc.

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"Polypostors: 2D Polygonal Impostors for 3D Crowds" An interesting alternative to impostors for crowd rendering.

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Orbit Profiler for C++ - a standalone profiler and debugging tool for Windows ()

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Eliminating seams on textures, w/ no runtime cost, no uv modifications:

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WOW! Brand spanking new FREE ART by the amazing & wonderful for

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"Rendering in Codemasters’ GRID2 and beyond: Achieving the ultimate graphics on both PC and tablet"

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"Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems" Free book! 👍 You can NEVER know too much linear algebra! 😀

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Announcing The world of math that is hard to imagine is now under your fingers

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"View frustum culling optimization" Optimizing view frustum culling for PS3. Lots of good, detailed info.

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Remotery gets XBox One support, aggregate call counts, time in self and a bunch of other useful bits

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"Showing the Correctness of Quaternion Rotation" New blog post from me😎😎

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Alloy Shader framework is now Open Source! Best PBR toolset all-round, for free & open!

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How cool is that!! just implement 'Flame Graphs' for PerfView

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And this is a best C# serializer. Fastest, Unity compatible, open-source. Real beast. by

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"Global Line Radiosity" updates GPU final gathering using per-pixel linked lists instead of depth peeling. We used this for baked indirect light on all Fable 3 levels with 1st pass RSM - super fast!

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Thanks to I can even explain to my 5 year old daugther. . See the excellent article about on

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Unsafe class: ref TTo As<TFrom, TTo>(ref TFrom source)

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Announcing a new beta version of Veldrid, an advanced 3D graphics library for .NET. It uses Vulkan, D3D11, and OpenGL, and supports more advanced graphics and compute features than any other .NET graphics library.

4 Antworten 59 Retweets 100 Gefällt mir is out now, with a boatload of bug fixes! 🎮 Release notes:

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"Deringing Spherical Harmonics", from , Technical Brief:

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Spherical interpolation (SLERP) of quaternions defines the geodesic over the rotations group. Storing rotations as quaternions is so convenient.

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tried to spend the holidays away from dev stuff, but ended up getting overly jealous of DOOM's glass and had to recreate. Great info in 's tech writeup:

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I'm totally becoming a rendering nerd. The Rendering of Shadow of Mordor

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New year, new tips. When you have a camera facing mesh with a panning effect, offset it in a world space direction to mimic wind, this helps make it appear more 3D. Works great for a dirt cheap barrel fire, no sprites no subUVs.

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Highlighting what we've been working on for the past months: burst is a compiler tech to convert a subset of .NET to highly efficient native code using LLVM with many dedicated/custom IL2LLVM optimizations. I will give more insights later & will give a talk at GDC!

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Since we’re talking about math textbooks tonight, this is probably the best math textbook I’ve ever read. It assumes you’ve had some calculus. She explains so many different concepts, and all SO clearly & concisely! I’ve referred to it many times.

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This is a brilliant write-up on the inner workings on the .NET GC by explaining why 'Allocation is cheap… until it is not'

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If you like '.NET Internals' and need *more* reading material, there's an excellent set of 'Design Docs' for current, in-development and future features available in the CoreCLR repo

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If you like learning about the internals of .NET and the CLR, I put together a list you might like

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I've been using the new C# job system a lot, so figured post my in-progress "Job System Cookbook" - a repo of examples showing how to accomplish some things at scale using jobs.

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just changed my programming life. Suddenly regexps aren't write-only expressions...

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Amazing article explaining the benefits of using premultiplied alpha textures, by , includes a tool to process your textures!

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Efficient Data Structures for Cache Architectures, PhD Thesis

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It’s math. It’s art. It’s Fourier transform. Brilliant: via

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Memory segmentation cheat sheet

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I ported the GPU driven occlusion culling with Multidraw Indirect sample to bgfx and wrote a quick blog post about it.

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"Numerical Algorithms" Awesome book. many cool topics covered, including direct solvers, iterative solvers, SVD, eigenvectors, non-linear optimization, ODEs and PDEs. also, many applications of the technique are given. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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Here is a visual proof of square binomial: (a+b)²= a²+2ab+b²

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This morning I wrote up some thoughts on performance profiling:

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Now and I can eventually shadow our area lights! With help from , our I3D short paper:

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"Memory management in Vulkan and DX12" - slides from my talk are publicly available online:

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This is imo best easy but comprehensive guide: . Other than ALU are eg. bandwidth, fillrate/rasterization, texture addressing. If doing less texture fetches or smaller formats doesn’t improve perf - often ALU bound.

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Check out these great animations related to algebra, geometry, calculus, ... at

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Shepard interpolation is a surprisingly simple multi-dimensional interpolation method. It uses singular radial basis functions inversely proportional to the distances to the samples. Nearest neighbor interpolation is the limit case.

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If you're adding area lights to the ray tracer you just started can I suggest you sample solid angle of the area light? I wrote a blog post about the subject here: (Not deleting the previous tweet but reposting it with a coherent sentence. Sorry for spam)

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We are making the Unity.Mathematics available on github Still a prototype API, in co-development with the burst compiler and ECS use cases

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Fixing the Hyperdrive: Maximizing Rendering Performance on NVIDIA GPUs (Presented by NVIDIA)

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How we doubled Mono's floating point performance, and how you can get 4x yourself today:

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Back in 2012 I wrote about how you couldn't really do proper client-side prediction with physics in . It's now possible thanks to advances in Physics.Simulate(). So I attempted to recreate 's "Zen of Networked Physics" demo in Unity

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Improvements in Mono compilation defaults for floating-point performance, via , spurred by 's raytracing project:

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Generating Random Segments from Non-Uniform Distribution. I wrote several algorithms to do that: The motivation is Monte Carlo integration. In some cases, using segments instead of points can dramatically improve convergence.

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first quick and dirty cpu implementation of the paper: Maximizing Parallelism in the Construction of BVHs, Octrees, and k-d Trees

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One thing I will never care to understand is RegEx. However with I managed to create a RegEx that works which was good enough for my find and replace :D (nodesDB\.QueryNodes)<(.*)>(\(\)\[\d\]) so much excitiment

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"Combining Analytic Direct Illumination and Stochastic Shadows" by , , deservedly won best paper at '18 - and - again, a conceptually simple but very useful insight.

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My presentation slides, about GPU driven occlusion and rendering, are online with extended speaker notes (pptx) (pdf).

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Hey 's! Tired of trying to puzzle out why your C# is allocating unexpectedly? I figured out a way to force the GC to throw an error if anything within a region allocates. Great for library unit tests! (Wouldn't recommend in-game).

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For a great introduction to parallel programming (including GPU architecture/programming) I recommend reading/watching 's "Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming" course materials

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New blog post on optimising my Rust path tracer with SIMD and trying to match the performance of 's C++ SSE path tracer

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wowza... Not only is VTune free (as in beer) on linux through "Intel System Studio". It even supports CoreCLR profiling... (no source mapping yet) but still....

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Are you interested in learning about the new C# Job System, ECS, and Burst compiler in Unity? I wrote a simple guide with to show you how to quickly get started based on our talk!

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The CUDA programming guide is worth studying, even if you're not programming in CUDA. A lot of this knowledge is transferable to DX/OpenGL compute shaders, especially the GPU architecture/best practices/performance guidelines parts.

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Hey everyone! I've decided to make my Unity Asset FREE! Grab it there! ^^^ RT and help me spread the word 😉

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So actually I would really recommend you to use VTune for CPU stuff, they made it free to use recently. Also, to get all unity/mono stuff visible in Vtune, you'll need a custom mono rebuild that we share here: (by )

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"Porting your engine to Vulkan or DX12" Video recording of my talk at Digital Dragons 2018 conference is now online.

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Here's a breakdown of the main shader used for this explosion I made for : So many ideas for improving it came up while showing how I did it... I'll probably do another pass. 🙂

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I've created a new library that enables lightweight async/await integration with Unity by C# 7.0's custom async method builder. This is the perfect solution to handle async operation in Unity.

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Ok everyone, here's the last one from the compute shader series: -- not covering compute shaders at all, but execution ports and caches :) Hope you enjoyed the series and if you have questions, just DM me, DMs are open!

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Been playing a bit with Graphics.DrawMeshInstancedIndirect in Unity. Following some great blogposts from I made a project that renders numerous meshes, does Frustum and occlusion culling (Hi-Z) and finally LOD's based on distance from the camera.

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Oldies but goldies: Jos Stam, Stable fluids, 1999. Arguably the most influential paper in PDEs for graphics. Makes computational fluid dynamics accessible to (almost) anyone.

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For anyone who has ever thought - "Can I learn the math needed for Deep Learning all in one place (and maybe skip the other stuff)?" - this is quite a nice resource. "The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning" (Table of Contents Below)

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Want to know generational garbage collection and see what is a card table data structure? Come and read: [.NET Internals 06] Generational garbage collection

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"GPU architecture II: Scheduling the graphics pipeline" "Mike Houston, AMD/Stanford" "Aaron Lefohn, Intel/University of Washington" "Winter 2011"

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"Hierarchical Z-buffer Occlusion Culling: A Brief Explanation" Small explanation, made for my own learning. but hopefully also useful for someone else =D

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Great collection of guidance on async/await programming patterns and antipatterns compiled by - definitely qualifies as Must Read®

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After two months of blood, sweat & tears, this is my new blog post that I hope will be useful to people... "A simple method to construct isotropic quasirandom blue noise infinite point sequences"

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Second post of my introduction to scalarization mini series :) This explores two strategies for scalarizing forward+, with code and step by step analysis:

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