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Federal politics editor and senior reporter . Buffalonian emissary, fake arctic explorer. Tips: dlevinthal@publicintegrity.org

Washington, D.C.
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    2 hours ago
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    -250+ journalists -36 countries -70,000 records The group behind the Panama Papers has a new investigation

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    The mission has landed on Mars! We have a new space robot calling Mars home!

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    BREAKING: Ukrainian parliament has voted to impose martial law for 30 days in wake of Russian seizure of Ukrainian vessels.

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    7 hours ago

    ATTENTION college students and recent grads! Interested in investigative reporting? Then hurry up and apply to 's paid summer internships! Deadline's this Saturday!

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    FARA concerns keep growing. Capitol Counsel just registered for the China-US Exchange Foundation. The firm has been registered to rep it under domestic lobby disclosure laws since 2014. That's apparently not enough anymore.

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    A developing story to watch... "...unfolded as a direct confrontation between Russia and Western-backed Ukrainian armed forces at sea."

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    NEW: We don’t talk as much about drone strikes anymore, but Trump’s first two years of drone strikes on the shadow battlefields are substantially above those in Obama’s first two years, which earned Obama the Drone President reputation. via

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    20 hours ago

    This is false. had a blanket policy to separate parents & kids at the border, incl. kids as young as 18 months and some who were still breastfeeding. It started in El Paso, as I first reported a year ago, 6 months before national outlets.

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    21 hours ago

    Search ICIJ's International Medical Devices Database, the world's first repository for more than 70,000 Recalls, Safety Alerts & Field Safety Notices affecting medical devices & their manufacturers. Even more data is coming! via

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    Nov 25

    A NEW GLOBAL INVESTIGATION: Health authorities have failed to protect millions worldwide from poorly tested implants that can sicken, maim and kill, the very people they were designed to help.

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  13. In November, the and are a combined 12-3-0, which seems about as probable as, say, the Libertarian Party winning the U.S. Senate back on Election Day. (Not complaining.)

  14. Wasn’t pretty, much like this season, but hey, us Buffalonians will take it.

  15. Nov 25

    Cheers to ⁦⁩ tailgating.

  16. Nov 25

    Why were you not at the World’s Largest Disco in Buffalo last night?

  17. Nov 24

    Robert McNair died Friday. With his death, 3 of the ’s top megadonors — Texans Bob Perry & Harold Simmons are the others — have died in the past 5 years. Last week, ⁦⁩ and I explored the GOP’s potential problem of aging bankrollers

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    Nov 24

    So, what you’re saying is, the man is a magician.

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    Nov 23

    Like, the fact that this is today's lineup on the "History Channel" is a good reminder that the FB newsfeed algorithm isn't the only media distribution system that ruthlessly optimizes for engagement above all other considerations

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    24 Nov 2016

    Rematching my dad in Scrabble. Have never beaten him. He was once top 30 in the American dictionary, but he is old now, and I NEED this


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