She Does The City Feminist Porn Interview #1

Courtney Trouble is a tour de force-blogging, directing, web designing-she’s like a feminist porn renaissance woman. Creator of oldest running ‘queer’ porn site on the internet, she’s commited to it’s mix of alt, gay, lesbian, straight, kink and bbw genres. She believes in inclusivity, safety and respect, and above all…turning you on. She’s nominated at this year’s Feminist Porn Awards for her film ‘Roulette,’ portions of which will be screened as part of ‘Feisty Feminist Porn on the Big Screen’ at The Royal Theatre on April 25th.

What does the term ‘feminist porn’ mean to you and why is it important that we host an event to recognize?
To me feminist porn is a significant art form born in the "Third Wave" of feminism that ackowldeges the feminist political struggles with sex and pornography while creating imagery that would fit with feminist ideals. Porn is a fun and exciting part of sex positivity, and feminist porn sets out to prove that it’s okay for women to be a part of the creation and viewing of porn, that it’s not just a "man’s world" – I guess it’s kind of like how the Riot Grrrl movement set out to fight the ideals that only boys/men could make punk music or be a part of the scene. We’re the riot grrrls of porn.

How long have you been in the porn industry and how did you get into it?
In 2003 I started my porn site, I was also a phone sex operator for about five years. I got into it because it was a lot of fun to take pictures of my friends and also be a model. It was a fun thing to do (still is).

What do you love most about your career in porn?
I feel empowered when I sit down to edit a scene, or when I pick up my camera and start shooting. It’s a highly creative and artistic world for me and I feel very lucky to have the chance to share my work with the world! Also, being an established creator in an industry that’s such a boys club feels really good to me.

What do you dislike the most?
Laws & paperwork.

What is your favourite sexual act and why?
I love sucking my wife’s strap on dick, or mutual masturbation.

If you were to fuck anyone you want, who would it be?
If I weren’t monogamous? I’d love to bump bellies with April Flores, an incredibly hot BBW porn star.

Do you have sexual fantasies in your sleep? What do they involve?
No, sadly I don’t have sex dreams. I don’t think I ever really have. I’ve had dreams where me and a clandestine lover are running around looking for a place to fuck secretly, but we’ve never made it to the sex. I think that was more about the chase or anxiety, not sex. Poor Me!

What do you like to do when you aren’t making porn?
Me and my wife host punk shows in our basement ( – we also have an insanely cute chihuahua that we spend a lot of time playing with… Oh, you mean work? Well I’ve stopped trying to work for other people lately, and am doing a handful of freelance web design & movie editing gigs. Madison Young is one of my clients. I like making porn sites and box covers. It keeps me busy.

Do you think there needs to be more representation of feminist porn and why?
I think there needs to be more representation of independent art in general. The stuff the mainstream puts out in pretty much any genre – look at the music industry for god’s sakes – is so awful compared to what independent artists are putting out. Same goes with porn. It is often so hard for people like me and some of the other names on the FPA list to make a real living doing this stuff, while there are people out in LA who get paid 20x more for making something 20x shittier. We all need benefactors, representation, and a generous audience, honestly.

What is your involvement now with rights for sex workers? Where and how are you concentrating your efforts?
Last year me and Scarlot Harlot collaborated on a music video that’s ended up all over the place. (Here’s a link: ) Every year I promote the Sex Worker Art Show on NoFauxxx.Com and volunteer/contribute whenever possible. I also just found out that St. James Infirmary – a sex worker’s occupational clinic that provides free services to sex workers – has lost a lot of it’s funding. If anybody reading this wants to help them, you can help by going to their website,

If you could try on a different career for a few years, what would it be?
Fashion photographer or owner of a lesbian strip club on Valencia St.

What three things do you recommend to help kink up a young woman’s sex life?
I’m not even that kinky! So I don’t know. I like sex with the lights on, making sex tapes, and buying lots of sex toys from local women-owned boutiques.

Who is your target audience? Where are most of your fans from?
I don’t have a target audience, I think most of my fans are college-aged queers and indie-rocker dudes.

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