The latest Windows software for the #16 Camera can be downloaded here

To download the Software, click on the link below

Current Version: v. (29 May 2014)

Currently, not all language files below are compatible with Nr16Setup v3.0.8.0 and above.
It is strongly recommended to use mSetup which is compatible
with both the Mobius and the Nr16 cameras

Language Resources (extract the dll to the same folder as the main GUI program)

►If you are interested in helping with a translation, please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page

Czech, v3.0.8.0 (27 May 2013) Translated by RevotechCZ

French, v3.0.8.0 (27 December 2012) Translated by therau2000

German, v3.0.8.0 (9 January 2012) Translated by Holger

Greek, v3.0.8.0 (22 April 2013) Translated by bouzx6r

Italian, v3.0.8.0 (27 December 2012) Translated by Livio IK1HSL

Polish, v3.0.8.0 (15 March 2013) Translated by Pawelsky

Romanian, v3.0.6.0 (27 December 2012) Translated by Mtz 

Russian, v3.0.8.1 (25 November 2014) Translated by Anonymous and systemizer

Slovak, v3.0.8.0 (21 March 2013) Translated by PeterH

Spanish, v3.0.8.0 (27 December 2012) Translated by CalvinH

The following translations are not yet complete but may be useful all the same. There is no guarantee they will be completed.




The following languages are being translated but are not yet ready:

Slovenian SL

The Detailed Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual is Integrated into the Software.

For those who prefer a printable copy (PDF) click on the link below

Latest Version: Nr16Manual.pdf (20 May 2014)

Czech Version: Nr16Manual_CZ.pdf (22 August 2016) Translated by

French Version: Nr16Manual_FR.pdf (22 June 2012)

German Version: Nr16Manual_DE.pdf (30 December 2013)

The "Simple Instructions" Manual - Direct from the manufacturer

This is the Original Instruction Manual supplied by the manufacturer

Latest Version: 808 #16 Camera Manual R2.pdf (5. January 2012)

The latest firmware can be downloaded from the URL below

#16 Firmware and Configuration Information