SCAPE is a charity that researches, conserves and promotes the archaeology of Scotland's coast. SCAPE is especially interested in remains that are threatened by coastal erosion. This website contains pages that will tell you about our projects.

Coastal Surveys
Since 2000, SCAPE has worked with Historic Scotland, Local Authority archaeologists and a number of archaeological units to survey some of the most vulnerable stretches of the Scottish coastline. All of the sites recorded can be viewed on this interactive map.

As well as recording all the archaeological sites, the erosion class and geology of the coast edge was also noted. Pdf copies of the original reports can be downloaded HERE.


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Award-winning Projects
The Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk Project works with individuals and communities to update the Historic Scotland-sponsored Coastal Surveys. The project was voted the Best Community Engagement Archaeology Project at the British Archaeological Awards 2014.

The project's mobile app helps people update information about sites. The app was voted Best Archaeological Innovation 2014 at the British Archaeological Awards.

In addition, one of our ShoreDIG projects at the Wemyss Caves, in partnership with SWACS and York Archaeological Trust, was Highly Commended as the Best Presentation of Archaeology. You can visit the 4dwemysscaves website here to see why.

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