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pets, tumblr purge, writing
[personal profile] denaceleste (42 minutes ago)
I suppose I'm here now ^_^
This isn't something I say with disappointment. I do like DW; it's like an interesting, salmon-colored LiveJournal. Plus, with Tumblr now about to nose-dive into obscurity (I'm guessing, with this latest boneheaded move), I'm going to need a place to post my fannish things. I have my website for Official Author Things, though I may mix things up a bit. There's no fixed rule that I must keep everything separate. I think I'll make a page just for my poetry, for instance. I do love to write poetry, though a lot of it is erotic, I've kept a lot of my very emotionally gut-punchy stuff private. Mostly because that's a double-edged sword.

I still wait for my export to process on Tumblr (14 hours later...) I'm on Twitter, Insta, and here, of course. Facebook, though less on there. Not sure why, I just keep forgetting to get on there, and then suddenly I remember I have it again.

In other rambly writing news, I seem to find short stories and micro short stories to be my cup of tea. I have a story about merfolk, an agender mer not in need of a pet (but a pet adopts zir anyway), and then in another story a tea specialist on the run from some creepy spy creatures who really wants a pet, a cat to be specific.

I think I miss having a pet; we lost our dog in 2017 and I've been missing him immensely. I'm making up for that by giving all my characters pets or the intense desire for pets, it seems. Some people want children. I want pets. Whether those pets have gills or fur or features or scales. There's even a hermit crab in one of my WIPs.

Okay, I'm going to head off for now, I have other work-work to get done right now. Best of luck to those Exporting their Tumblrs, and here's to hoping we all hop onto new wagons!
the great tumblr purity purge of 2018, tumblr migration, tumblr purge
[personal profile] mojoflower (1 hour ago)
The Great Tumblr Purity Purge of 2018

Welp, what with The Great Tumblr Purity Purge of 2018, I'm setting up shop here and Pillowfort (when they come back online) and a whole lot of other places until I find one that feels like home. I'll keep everyone posted through all platforms... because I was on Tumblr for close to 7 years, and I had so many friends and fandom connections and SO MUCH HISTORY with all of you, and I don't want to lose my followers and fandom buddies... you've been my primary community for way too long.

I'm mojoflower (unless otherwise noted) in all these places, please follow me wherever you're comfortable, and I'll hit you back so I can let you know where I finally settle.

fandom, fandom community, fandom migration, tumblr purge
[personal profile] kara_mckay (1 hour ago)
My reading page is so active that I'm positively giddy!
From what I'm reading, though, it looks like DW is probably going to be a stopover, not a final destination.  I'm not thrilled, but no amount of curmudgeonly complaining and reminders of the good old days is going to change the fact that we're living in a brave new world of gif sets alongside zero expectation of having to actually create content to run more than a reading page.  It's been fun kidding myself that we can turn back time, but we can't, and okay.

That said, I'll be staying here and crossposting to wherever the bulk of fandom lands.  I'm hoping most of us end up at Pillowfort, but I'm far too out of touch to make a good guess as to what greater fandom thinks and does these days.  As the person who predicted in the '90s that text messaging would never catch on and then in the '00s that Tumblr was just too image oriented for writerly people, I wouldn't take my opinion on much of anything tech and social media related too terribly seriously. 
I just know that DW feels like coming home after too many years of trying to accustom myself to social media that doesn't suit my personality or writing and interaction styles.  I was getting used to Tumblr, which is one reason all of this irritates the fuck out of me, but I haven't been using it long enough to have a huge personal investment in it. DW feels right, and I am just too damned tired for the next thing.       
destiny, elder scrolls, fallout, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, magic the gathering, pokemon, star trek, star wars, tumblr purge, yugioh, zoids
[personal profile] allyapplepie in [community profile] addme_fandom (1 hour ago)
Yet Another Tumblr Migrant
Name: Ally, or Geek
Age: 22
Country: United Kingdom
Subscription/Access Policy: Open, but I'd strongly prefer you to be 18+

I'm more of a lurker than someone who engages with other people on the Internet, but with Tumblr steadily imploding and hearing good things about Dreamwidth, I thought I'd try to reach out. Still figuring out how this site works, it's not what I'm used to, but we'll see how things go. I'm bound to meet SOME people given how much I bounce around fandoms.

Main Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Trek, Star Wars
Other Fandoms: Fallout, Zoids, Pokemon, Destiny, Magic: The Gathering
Fannish Interests: Fanart, fanfic, and just casually chatting about the things I like. I'm not big on discourse.
OTPs and Ships: I'm not much of a shipper, but I like seeing other people's shippy stuff, if that makes sense? Probably coming back to not wanting to be involved in any discourse. Shippy stuff is fun!
facemeetpalm, fandom, gobblepot, johnlock, pamdizzle, spirk, tumblr purge
[personal profile] pamdizzle (1 hour ago)
 I'm currently exporting my blog content from tumblr. All of my original posts that are related to my ongoing fanfiction series and WIPs will be posted here as well so that in the event my FaceMeetPalm blog over there is purged this month, I'll have a backup somewhere for my few, but very appreciated followers. 

Thank you to Sunlitroom for reminding me of this space. :) 
introduction, personal, tumblr exodus, tumblr purge
[personal profile] allyapplepie (2 hours ago)
In the wake of Tumblr's slow demise
Just another Tumblr refugee coming in, hello Dreamwidth people. I've heard good things about this place so I thought I'd give it a shot. The format of this site isn't what I'm used to (I am just young enough to have missed the whole Livejournal thing) but I'm sure I'll find my way around. Call me Ally, or Geek, I've used both in my time on the Internet. Let's see where this goes.
fanfiction, tumblr purge
[personal profile] lovelyobscuredreams (4 hours ago)
Masterpost edited!
 The writing masterpost now also contains links to my fanfics! Not all of them, just the two I'm most proud of at the moment.

In lieu of tumblr's...inspired new guidelines, I might become more active on here. Might being the operative word, since I don't have anyone on here to interact with, and I don't imagine anyone from tumblr will move here.

We shall see.
tumblr purge, welcome to dreamwidth
[personal profile] ashacrone (5 hours ago)
Well, this is fun

I had been meaning to migrate over here to dreamwidth from my old LJ for awhile now. I need to delete that old monster. But the tumblr implosion hastened what was coming.

So. Here's hoping that we weather this storm well. But it's nice to be in a new place. Let's have fun. Time to blow off my old html skills!
tumblr exodus, tumblr purge
[personal profile] ellery_queen52 (5 hours ago)
All the posts Tumblr is hiding on my blog because they're about other options
tumblr, tumblr purge
[personal profile] fiat_knox (5 hours ago)
The tumblr purge
The tumblr purge of December 2018 is a historic act of mass censorship of adult material on that site. The announcement, titled "A better, more positive tumblr," is a declaration of a pogrom.

As thousands of blogs now prepare to leave tumblr ahead of the December 17 deadline, taking with them the core of an entire culture which has existed for eleven years, this is a personal response to the tumblr management on my own tumblr blog, HExEr.

Dear tumblr staff
You’ve just destroyed everything of light and love on this site.

You host nazis, and flag sex positive sites. You allow right-wing bloggers free rein to express their abhorrent views on gay people, bi people, trans people, and POC. You threaten to shut down the blogs of young trans people, and gay and bi people, who have been using their blogs to express their journeys in coming out and transitioning.

You say that you’re removing the adult material to allow for more sex positivity - yet your clumsily-worded “female presenting nipples” is infantile and legally vague. Your algorithms are, in fact, flagging fanfic and fanart blogs in defiance of your assurances that you would not, in fact, be doing this.

Your purge will decimate thousands of blogs, but what will you leave behind? Nothing. You’ll be driving away all the people who make the hilarious 3am posts, the strangely insightful weird material that people write when they’re stoned, the “shower thoughts” posts.

All the young people who write their coming out stories - they’re not going to wait for you to come for them next. They’re going away now. And with them, a community spirit you’ve accreted for eleven years will be going away, forever, because their trust in you is now gone.

It’s gone, because you’re happy to brand them as porn blogs too. Away with them all, the model set card posts and the coming out posts, the public hypno fora, the kink positive blogs, everyone who came to this blog to express their sexuality, to share their desires. It’s a (Read more)
depression, first post, mental health, tumblr purge
[personal profile] jayez (6 hours ago)
Getting on the DW train...
After keeping mostly to AO3, then creating a profile on Wattpad after someone stoly my stories and posted it as their own, the recent Tumblr Purge made me look around.

I was thrilled to discover that jayez was still available here on dreamwidth, so I took it as a sign!

At some point I'll get more acquainted with this platform, but for now I'm glad I managed to motivate myself and create this account.

(I'm currently deep in a bout of depression... so my energy levels are quite low.)
fandom purges, journal entry
[personal profile] velvettreebark (6 hours ago)
test post; please ignore

i'm mostly a stucky consumer who daydreams about writing but never actually does it. when the tumblr purge was announced, lots of folks were suggesting giving DW a try, so here i am.

i've been in online fandom since was young, so purges are nothing new to me, but it still really hurts to see my community axed and content vanished from the ether.

it's been ages since i messed with LJ, so be patient with me while i get used to this format again.

ao3, fanart, tumblr purge, tutorial
[personal profile] magnusismyrock (8 hours ago)
Tutorial: Upload art and post it to AO3
Hey, I posted this on tumblr, but I figured I'd crosspost here since tumblr is a trashfire XD.

AO3 does not currently host images. Just gonna get that out first. They can't even begin to afford to do that. Instead you have to upload elsewhere and hotlink it. Which is super easy to do. Sadly most image uploading websites don't allow for hotlinking :(

I've personally used Google Photos the most for this, but there are others that do exist if Google isn't really your jam.

The first I'll go over will be Google Photos though. I know a lot of you don’t trust Google, but they have a lot of free storage and it’s crazy easy to use.
First log in to google and navigate to google photos. (URL:

You will be shown this page:

As you can see, i have two pieces of fanart there from a few years ago. Click the little “Upload” button next to the search bar at the top and select the image you want to upload. I chose a cat I found on google images (don’t worry I deleted it later). Once it says success, reload the page, and you’ll see this:

Click on your image to see the image page:

And right click on your image to get a drop down menu:

This part is browser dependant. I’m using Google Chrome currently, so it’s “Copy Image Address”. Firefox is something like “Get Image Source” or something along those lines. Any other browser and you’ll need to figure that part out.

Now that you have your image address copied, head over to the AO3 new post page. (THIS PART IS THE AO3 PART FOR ALL, NOT JUST GOOGLE PHOTOS)

Fill in all the settings you want, make sure you get the required ones. Eventually you’ll hit the end of the page and see this big box:

Click the “Rich Text” box to make this easier:

Press the image button I have highlighted on that image, and you’ll get a box:

Paste the address you copied earlier into the “Source” box, and fill out the im (Read more)
astronomy, books, geology, goth, machine learning, metal, rpg, tbs, trekking, tumblr purge
[personal profile] seasonoftowers (9 hours ago)
Hello World
Here from the tumblr purge, missed lj/dw the first time around, and I'm discovering I quite like the way this works.

Into astronomy (both the science part and the stargazy part), trekking (low-level mountains mostly), dark music (well, more of a bimodal distribution around goth and metal), machine learning, psychology and computer games (mostly RPGs and TBS or stuff that's slow enough to seem TBS - I don't really play sustainedly nowadays tho). Developing a geology interest (obvious prestige class from astronomy + mountains) and a bit of DIY (from the stargazy part of astronomy, there's no such thing as something that works as you want it just out of the box). I read a lot but IDK even how to start packaging a description of that in a soundbite.
alterhuman, animorphs, artists on dreamwidth, artists on tumblr, fandom: animorphs, fandom: buzzfeed unsolved, fandom: danny phantom, fandom: flight rising, fandom: furry, fandom: percy jackson, fandom: pokemon, fictionkin, otherkin, postfurry, tumblr, urbex
[personal profile] blackstatic (10 hours ago)
returning re: the tumblr purge
My tumblr url: lexidius

Other sites: AO3, FF, DA, FA, weasyl, soundcloud, bandcamp, mastodon, twitter, Discord (@BlackStatic#2031)

What kind of content I post: A bit of everything honestly. Probably mostly fandom related, aesthetics, animals, memes, writing/art/music, solarpunk and grassroots, veganism, science fiction and fantasy stuff... my more personal blogging (eg. spirituality, otherkin/alterhuman, postfurry) will probably go on my alt account, which I'll set viewer restrictions on when I work out how to

Access/commenting policies: Just don't be an asshole, really. Keep your content policing, anti-whatever, gatekeeping, callouts, discourse and fandom drama away from me and I think we'll be good.

Anything else?: Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and Autism. Nonbinary, He/They pronouns. Egalitarian centrist. Vegan.

My fandoms:
Alt History
Anime and Manga (mostly shonen/seinen)
Arcade games
Danny Phantom
Dragonriders of Pern
Doctor Who
Ecco The Dolphin
Esperanto (and other conlang languages)
Flight Rising (BlackStatic #122901)
Furry Fandom (including PostFurry)
Ghosthunting/Paranormal (see: Buzzfeed Unsolved)
Homestuck (yet to read)
Marine Biology
Music Production
Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus (and related)
Science Fiction/Cyberpunk
South Park
Urban Exploration
tumblr exodus, tumblr purge
[personal profile] dingo_inna_domino_mask (10 hours ago)
AKA dingo-inna-domino-mask on Tumblr, which I don't plan to leave until they kill my account or die themselves, this is a back-up.
tumblr purge
[personal profile] nafs (11 hours ago)
Quick public post
I'm [ profile] nafio. Still pretty private over here but I wouldn't mind adding a few more people to my reading list.
december 2018, tumblr purge
[personal profile] lielac (12 hours ago)
Uh... I'm back?
My god, I haven't posted anything on here since 2014. Not that any of that is visible, because I hid everything I posted before this because the majority of it was from when I was 16-17 and teen me embarrasses me.

Anyway, Tumblr is probably going to go down in flames and while I will be in that sinking ship until the waves consume it, I want to move the stuff I, like, care about to a platform that isn't in the middle of imploding. So this is where my long-form stuff both personal and fandom will be, probably. I dunno, I haven't had the energy for original posting on Tumblr in a while, I don't really expect this to be much better. But it might be.
tumbler and twitter and the internet--oh, tumblr purge
[personal profile] larsinger29 (12 hours ago)
Here we go again
 So I guess it's back here.  I'll be trying to friend/follow/whatever people from tumblr over here now.  So if you get a notification from me, well, you know why I'm sure.

Fandom survived strikethrough.  And boldthrough.  It'll survive the tumblr.purge as well.
tumblr purge
[personal profile] shinysherlock (13 hours ago)
it me
Many moons ago, Jude encouraged me to sign up for dreamwidth, and though I like the set up of it, I didn't use it much. Perhaps that will change now with the tumblr purge??? We shall see.
fuck that noise, journaling, tumblr purge
[personal profile] aerialiste (14 hours ago)
got a million trillion things I'd rather fucking do / than be fucking with you
That's a lyric—an explicit lyric!—from one of my most guilty pleasures: Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You" (spoiler alert: he's done fucking) (also! Kanye is the coach!):

Look, I've been on the Internet since before there fucking was one. I'm a grown-ass woman and I don't need corporations and IT guys and overly earnest PR henchmen and their clueless moral panics about Apple, of all things, to throw off my game. [personal profile] seperis  is right—there's never been a replacement for longform blogging and I've missed it dearly, in the years since I let microblogging and RTs/reblogs fill that space.

I'm halfway finished with two novels and all the way done with my PhD. I am single and my meds are working. I have nothing but time, bitches. I'm settling in here to stay. Tumblr? I don't fuck with you. I got a million trillion things I'd rather fucking do.

tumblr purge

[image by Twitter user MissMixi]
tumblr purge
[personal profile] bluemoonhound (14 hours ago)
blog backups...
Time to back up the ridiculous amount of art that I've drawn over the past ... god. 5 years? how long have I even been on tumblr? Anyway, for now, I'm probably going to use DeviantArt as my Image Hosting Site because that is an easy and simple solution to my problem (since I already have a dA and it's easy to keep open). Might get a pillowfort eventually for actual non-fandom blogshite, but for now... Pillowfort costs money and my ass is sat.
tumblr, tumblr purge
[personal profile] asynca (14 hours ago)
I am here now, apparently
Tumblr refugees, sound off
tumblr purge
[personal profile] seperis (15 hours ago)
getting used to writing
There's some chance I may be posting too much soon to get used to writing again. The thing is--looking at my dates, I do wonder if there's some correlation between when I stopped posting regularly in my journals and the iffiness of my mental health the last two years.

Neither tumblr nor twitter are really set up for the formalized textual equivalent of talking to yourself, and while fic-writing helps, its not the same thing as organizing your thoughts via journaling. Also, journaling was a fantastic way to remember things. I actually have posts I wrote up in word and saved that I never got around to posting; I may need to look at those, too.

What is everyone else doing?

(OH God I just realized I have a tag system that's actually useful for me now and searchable. BLESS.
tumblr purge
[personal profile] 221bsweetheart (15 hours ago)
Spreading myself around
Due to the Tumblr purge that's going on, will try to learn how to use this place more
tumblr purge
[personal profile] seperis (16 hours ago)
tumblr purge - how many of these have I lived through now?
Anyone new to DW or just returning and doesn't have me friended and we're mutualed there; feel free to do so here and I'll reciprocate.
tumblr purge
[personal profile] greenjudy (17 hours ago)
as Tumblr proceeds to eat itself
I am sticking a toe back in here to see how it feels and who's hanging around.
tumblr purge
[personal profile] fishmoon (21 hours ago)
Shifting over from Tumblr in case! My interests've definitely changed from the last entry here (oh god, how long ago was that? *checks* Oh man, it was during FiranMUX days). I mostly will talk about:

* Baking things
* Cosplay things ??

I am not really one for coherent themes on any social media platform, I'm afraid.