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Moving houses brings the promise of fresh starts and new possibilities. 


However, with so many details to take care of, the experience of moving house can also bring with it overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Our Kanban board is a super jazzed-up productivity tool that will make managing the move a breeze, with every step of the process conveniently at your fingertips.


Seeing all the things you need to do in one place helps reduce the stress of imagining all the unknown tasks piling up and gives you some perspective on what you need to do.


Choose from either a folding or standing board in 2 design: boxes and cardboard


Folding board: 

  • Made of long-lasting laminated cardboard.
  • A3 size when open.
  • A4 size when folded—similar to a closed laptop.


Standing board:

  • Made of robust corrugated plastic board.
  • Dimensions: 30x38cm.
  • Comes with a sturdy built-in stand.


Both options include a set of sticky notes to get you started.



How to use the board

1 – Set up your board 

Unpack your board, grab the pack of sticky notes included with your order and write one task per note.

2- Colour code and conquer 

You can colour code your tasks using different coloured sticky notes—either by theme (e.g. everything to do with setting up utilities is blue, things to buy for the new house are yellow) or by priority (e.g. everything urgent is pink).

3- Track your progress

Move your sticky notes along the board as you work on and complete each task. The system of board and sticky notes helps you keep an eye on tasks and get visibility over what you’re actually achieving.

4 – You got this! 

Now you can effectively plan your tasks and work through your to-do list. Make the move an organised one, and ensure you start things off in your new abode on a positive note.

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