Like so many netizens, I occasionally write some brief notes in my weblog.

Older musings

Starkits are a lifestyle - Sep 2005
A pervasive approach to making applications available

Perfection is the ideal, but the enemy of done - Sep 2004
To drown or not to drown, that is the question

Virtual reality - May 2004
The internet is a strange place to... "be"?

The Designer's Stance - Apr 2004
What it really means to be an inventor

The strength of Tcl - Nov 2003
An attempt to go beyond first impressions

One year later - Mar 2003
The scale of turmoil seems to increase

Our past is holding us back - Mar 2002
It's quite hard to deal with today's pace

Outside the box - Mar 2002
What looks optimal today, may be a nightmare tomorrow

Musings of a maverick - Mar 2002
Nothing has changed, but everything should

An exponential rant - Dec 2000
The paradox of writing high-level software for general use

Why compilers are doomed - Oct 2000
Software compilation assumes performance is an issue

The Jericho itch - Aug 2000
The struggle of getting software deployed without going insane

The nuts and bolts of scripting - May 1999
Thoughts about implementing a scripting kernel in FORTH

Scripting - the fourth generation - Mar 1999
How to get more done in less lines of code

Tcl (over-) flow - Apr 1998
My first encounters with scripting and Tcl