LA Driving

If you wanted to know how to drive a space shuttle through Los Angeles, here’s the best video I’ve come across. Short answer: pre-visualize the entire route with precise LIDAR mapping and then mow down everything in your path. It’s friggin laser beams!

[yes, I know the laser didn’t do any actual cutting — but if you imagine the sensor (LIDAR) and effector (chainsaw, socket wrench, bulldozer) as a single system, it’s conceptually a giant shuttle-shaped 3D lawn mower — like the ultimate road rage in meticulous premeditated detail.]

With all the attention and admiration this got, one has to wonder who will be the first celebrity to drive up to the Oscars or Grammy awards in their very own space shuttle. It only cost $10M for a 12 mile drive, so it’s well within reach for some.

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