Thriving Communities Overview

Thriving Communities Overview
Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives has been consistently recognized as a model of successful efforts to improve public health.

Providing access to care and coverage, and improving the health of communities we serve are core to Kaiser Permanente’s mission. We are proud of our work to expand access in our communities through extending Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and our own unique Charitable Health Coverage program to almost 1 million people, subsidized by a $1.8 billion investment.

Yet we know that we must do more than just provide high-quality affordable health care to improve community health. Which is why we are equally proud of our longstanding partnerships with, and investments in, the communities we serve to create the opportunity for total community health. This includes helping foster an environment that supports physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, ensuring the ability to work and play there.

That is why Kaiser Permanente is committed to creating Thriving Communities: safe routes for kids to walk or bicycle to school, neighborhood grocery stores stocked with fresh produce, parks and playgrounds that welcome families, and workplaces that promote wellness and physical activity.

Community Health

screen shot from CHI timeline: family riding bikes in a park with words, A decade of bulding community health

View our interactive timeline showing the many milestones of our Community Health Initiatives work over the past decade

Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives has been recognized as a model to improve public health. The Commonwealth Center for Governance Studies (University of Kentucky) cited the initiatives as one of the nation’s leading examples of hospital-public health collaboration,  and the Vitality Institute highlighted the program as a high-impact example of strategic philanthropy advancing public health.

How We Work

Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives addresses the social, economic and environmental determinants of health. We lift up the role of communities as vital settings that create the conditions of health, as well as the importance of non-medical resources to promote well-being and prevent disease.

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