Assigned Male - Sophie Labelle’s 2018 US tour!

Sophie Labelle’s 2018 US tour!

Here’s more details about my 2018 United States speaking tour!! I put together all the invitations I received and made this preliminary schedule. If you’re excited about it, please comment with appropriate emojis.
You can still send me an email ( if you’d like me to visit your trans, feminist or LGBT group, your school’s queer-straight alliance or any idea you might have! If you’re in one of the listed states, it might be super easy to fit you in my schedule

August 2018 :

1st week : Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference

September 2018 :

1st week : New York / New Jersey

2nd week : Pennsylvania / Maine

3rd week : (Leave me alone)

4th week : Indiana / Ohio / Michigan

October 2018 :

1st week : Illinois / Wisconsin

2nd week : Kansas / Nebraska

3rd week : Colorado / Oregon

4th week : Washington

5th week : (Don’t try to find me)

November 2018 :

1st week : Maryland / North Carolina / Alabama

2nd week : Texas

3rd week : (can I have Thanksgiving off please)

4th week : Arizona

December 2018 :

1st week : California

2nd week : California

The exact dates and details will be given in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

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