Who is Alex Fortey

Hi, Alex Fortey here,

Welcome to my mission to show the golfing world and you…Alex Fortey Golf The Art of Simple Golf

The Art of Simple Golf.

But who am I?

Many will know me from my platform Athletic Golf Training.

A worldwide success of golf training tips and resources to help the performance of golfers. Done through golf fitness and simple techniques to maximize their golf games and lives by using the body and mind correctly.

However, my passion for showing you that golf is a simple game to enjoy and and play as a sport and a form of art was getting too strong. AGT was not the right stage for this, and although the last few months, our content there reflected the message of Golf. Simplified, the need to serve you better was required and here we/you are.

I’m so excited for the Art of Simple Golf Mission.

So, a little bit more about me (I wont go into the whole life story just yet)

I am SO determined to fight the noise and nonsense of confusion fired at you from all angles and that is why The Art of Simple Golf is here. But why listen to me?

  • I’m a performance coach to professionals and weekend warriors alikeAlex Fortey simple golf Backswing.
  • I’m a pro golfer.
  • Tens of thousands of golfers of all levels have benefited form my programs.
  • I’ve spent years coaching and training golfers of all levels across the globe.
  • I know what it takes to produce a simple golf swing that feels natural, effortless and repeatable for consistent distances (my comfortable clubhead speed with my driver is 120+ mph).
  • I have been an elite level tour player (heading back soon), coached golfers from juniors to professionals, from college players to weekend warriors, and worked with some of the finest golfing brains in the World.

My love affair with golf and my simple golf life really began when I was 16, after watching the Masters. I loved the game and when I first began, minus maybe one or two introductory golf lessons in the first 6 months of playing and doing my own research reading the golf magazines I swung to my own tune figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

This golf learning method carried on for a few years again minus the odd lesson here and there from friendly pros (fortunately they were great teachers and simple ones at that).

I copied the likes of Ernie Els and Nick Faldo.

For several years I was admired for my swing, tempo and indeed distances I could smash the ball. This came naturally to me much to the confusion of other golfers.

You see, I spent my youth playing tennis and was active for sure, but never classed myself as gym junkie or an athlete. A natural athlete yes, but I soon found out that the distance I could naturally hit the golf ball with rubbish out of date equipment and very few lessons was not a stroke of luck.

My mind muscle connection was not only excellent, I was able to deliver the swing sequence with rapid speed with little to no forced effort. My fellow golfers hated me!

To me though it was common sense, I saw the golf swing as a natural bio-mechanical move that required the body to be leveraged in the right way and that we need to allow what the body does best.


In doing so, the results I attained and the golf swing spoke for themselves.

My effortless golf swing, the distances I hit the ball (190 plus yards 7 iron – 300+ yards driver) but the many golfers I have passed on my tips to are the biggest advocators of the Art of Simple Golf’s methods and philosophy.

But I fell off the stress free simple golf wagon as it were about 8 years ago.

Golf instruction got the better of me. The golf industry beat me…

It made me think that there was this bio-mechanical, perfect golf swing that I needed to fit in to that I needed to hit perfect positions.

This set me back several years and cost me my love for the game and desire to play golf regularly and competitively.

But about 3 years ago the lightbulb came on. And my re awakening and natural, simple way of playing golf has been a measure of progress (it’s not always easy for me though to be honest).

The terrible over complication of golf instruction is everywhere you turn now.

How can you know what to listen to?

Leading by example is something I shall always do. If I’m telling you to follow a certain style of golf tip, I know that it works. If it says it will increase your consistency or distance, then it does.

Everything is from experience and proven to be effective in enhancing golf performance and the the mind.

And the last 5 years golfing, coaching and working with elite players, coaches and hackers alike has been a journey to this point. After an evolution of AGT, and having some smart people around me, and the burning desire and importance to combat the golf instruction industry, for the need for golf to be simplified to help you play this great game as it’s meant to be.

And so, The Art of Simple Golf was born

I always felt that playing sport and literally setting the world alight was my destiny. I used to think that winning tournaments was fulfilling it, now I realize that setting golfers free from the complicated, unnatural golf instruction myths that kill your swings, scores and bodies is the mission that needs to occur.

And Im excited you are on this journey with me to help your find your own simple golf swing, to see and feel the art in the game of golf like Seve Ballesteros did so well and to help you play YOUR ideal golf game.

Alex Fortey

This is Golf. Simplified.

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