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Client by client, ICF coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance. They make a real and measurable difference in people’s lives, which is why we’re passionate about making sure our coaches and the institutions that train them are well equipped to do their jobs.

  • Finding a coach
    should be easy.

    Find a coach

    Finding a coach
    should be easy.

    Coaching transforms lives. We're here to make sure you find a qualified coach who's right for you.

  • Earn an ICF Credential.


    Earn an ICF Credential.

    ICF Credentials add legitimacy to your practice and boost your bottom line.

  • Get your training program
    accredited by ICF.


    Get your training program
    accredited by ICF.

    ICF sets the gold standard for coach-specific training. Get your program accredited today.

Giving coaches who change the world
the tools they need to change it.

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  • The Ultimate Power Couple: Professional Coaches and Change Management Professionals

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  • Earn an ICF Credential

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People have high standards, which is why ICF coaches and ICF-accredited training programs need to have even higher standards. If you’re here because you want to become a coach, click the button below.

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