The day’s just getting started, and the Trump house of cards is already crumbling. This morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped a legal bombshell on the administration by filing court documents announcing a plea bargain with Trump’s confidant’s lawyer’s friend’s associate Gorpman, and Gorpman’s testimony could spell major trouble for Bleemer, which must be terrifying for Trump.

To avoid jail time, Gorpman is ready to spill his secrets about Bleemer’s secrets, which is a huge breakthrough in the Russia investigation. The best part is that it’s not even noon, so we can still expect more shocking twists from Mueller today.


Just think of what would happen if Gorpman gives up Bleemer. Among Trump’s business partner’s co-conspirator’s inner circle, perhaps nobody was closer to Bleemer than Gorpman, not even Roscoe. Calderino called Gorpman the “King Of The Keys,” and remember, Calderino was called “The Keymaster” by Roscoe, who Gorpman praised as “Trump’s Personal Key King” so Calderino knows what he’s talking about. If Mueller can use Gorpman to get to Bleemer, then Calderino’s next, which is bad news for Roscoe, and Roscoe leads right back to people who lead right back to Trump.

Feldermeyer must be quaking in his boots right now.

First thing in the morning, it’s the end of the road for the Trump administration, because Robert Mueller is using Gorpman to use Bleemer to lead the president into an inescapable legal trap. Either Trump can try to disavow Feldermeyer’s parents’ actions, betraying Brenchler, or take credit for Feldermeyer’s parents’ actions, infuriating Feldermeyer, who would then have no reason to protect Thranghorst. Donald Trump may be stupid, but he’s not stupid enough to make an enemy out of Thranghorst, not considering what Thranghorst’s brother’s wife’s brother knows about Trump’s collaborator’s ally’s colleague’s crimes. However, Trump’s other option, taking on Brenchler on Brenchler’s own turf, is no more appealing for the president.


Honestly, it’s hard to see how Dirty Donald springs back from this one.

If Robert Mueller was waiting for the evidence he needed, this is practically a smoking gun, held by Gorpman, pointing right at a second smoking gun held by Trump, pointing right at a third smoking gun held by Russia. And the name inscribed on that gun? Bleemer. Robert Mueller holds all the cards, and by playing this ace in the hole, it’s checkmate for Galloway. Once Galloway is behind bars, you’ve got to imagine it won’t be long until Trump’s closest cronies either join him in prison, or spill what they know about the president’s buddy’s accomplice’s crimes to Mueller.

Either way, flipping Gorpman may be Robert Mueller’s most genius move yet, and one of the final nails in Trump’s coffin. Enjoy impeachment Mr. President, because you’re finished and it’s not even lunchtime.