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NZOSS Panel + Unconference

Friday 10:50am - 12:00pm, NZOSS Open Source Day (Upstairs 3 (CatalystIT))

Come and join members of the NZOSS Committee for an update on the Society's activities and an unconference style discussion on where FOSS might be headed and what would people like to see the NZOSS support.

For example:

- Have we missed The Epiphany? The switch from FOSS being an interesting idea to mainstream ho-hum has been so rapid that we blinked and missed it?

- Do CIOs need to care any more? Some claim that many CIOs have not availed themselves of the benefits of FOSS, but is that relevant when 80% of the worlds internet sites run some form of FOSS??

- Is the future of FOSS in the 'X'aaS market? If we build it, will they come???

Opinions from the panel and attendees are welcome. Do you have a question of your own? What could the NZOSS do to support business and society? Curious minds want to know!