Anything that you can add to the roof of your home to help protect it has the ability to increase its life span. The question is how expensive will it be, and how long can the results be expected? One alternative that is proving to me a great solution for not only extending the life of the roof but has other benefits is roof coating. Some people think of roof coating as a temporary quick fix and question whether this is the best route to go. When done properly with quality materials, exemplary workmanship, and professionals who know what they are doing, then the answer is yes it can extend the longevity of your roof. Roof coatings can act as[…]

Most think of the weather in the UK as being wet and dreary, but with the climate change a lot of hot sticky weather has been enjoyed here up to a point. It’s great to enjoy this type of weather outdoors, but one wants the inside of their home to be a comfortable temperature. The roof of the house can be beneficial in doing this if it possesses some cooling properties. Most are not going to have their roofs replaced just to achieve this, but a great alternative may be the application of a roof coating and focusing on the lighter colours. Dark roof colours conduct the outside heat down into the house much more than a lighter roof does.[…]