Salve Håkedal, violin maker

Hardanger d'amore no.1

Hardanger d'amore (or 5+5)

Dan Trueman saw a 5-string Setesdalsfele I made for Vidar Lande. That fiddle had the shape of a normal Setesdalsfele, except that the body was broader. Dan wanted me to make something similar, but with a fatter sound. And it had to be suitable for playing comfortably along with violins..

The result was this fiddle. The body is broader and longer than a 4-string Setesdalsfele, and the string length is like a violin. It can be tuned in A, with normal Hardanger fiddle strings. Or thin violin strings may be used.

Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh on this fiddle

Dan and Caoimhin are using Hardanger d'amores on their CD Laghdú